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According to State Commission Office of Public Sectors Reform (“SCOPSR”) Fu Zi [2007] No. 98 Documentdocument No. [2007]98, China Tourism Academywas established in Beijing on June 6, 2008. In December 2015, as approved by SCOPSR, China Tourism Academy was bestowed with an additionaltitle“title “Data Center ofNational Tourism Administration Data Center". In January 2017, it was listed as a central level scientific research public institution by the Ministry of Science and Technology. In September 2018, according to the document of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Ban RenIssue [2018] No. 80), the Data Center of National Tourism Administration Data Center was retitled as Data Center for of Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

As a professional research institute directly under Ministry of Culture and Tourism, China Tourism Academy (Data Center for Ministry of Culture and Tourism) aims to build itself into "Think tank of the government, brainpower of the industry and highland of the theory for industries integration development and international exchanges of the Chinese culture and tourisma government and industry think-tank, and high-level academic platform that promotes the integrated development of culture and tourism in China and international exchanges". It is mainly responsible for policy and theory study of tourism industry, research on integrated development of culture and tourism and tourism statistical work and data analysis. In August 2013, China Tourism Academy was approved to set up a post-doctoral research station. In 2014, the Tourism Economy Laboratory was accredited as the first key laboratory in the tourism industry. Since its establishment in 2008, China Tourism Academy has been continuously publishing China tourism economy blue book, nine annual development reports on inbound tourism, outbound tourism, domestic tourism, national leisure, tourism enterprise group, tourism accommodation industry, tourist attractions and travelling services, as well as academic publications, such as, China Tourism Review, China Tourism Big Data. China Tourism Academy has won Ulysses Award of Government InnovationandTechnology Innovation Award, by United Nations World Tourism Organization and,andTechnology Innovation Award, China’sinvention patent as well as other academic honors.

Currently, China Tourism Academy has set up three administrative departments, Department of Administration and Personnel, Department of International Exchange and Finance and Department of Academic Research, and seven research departmentsinstitutes, which are Institute of Strategy, Institute of Policy and Science&Education, Institute of Industry, Institute of Planning and Leisure, Institute of International Research (Institute of HK, Macao and Taiwan), Institute of Statistics Survey, and Institute of Data Analysis.

Relying on institutions of higher education, scientific research institutes, bases, local tourism management departments and enterprises and public institutions, China Tourism Academy (Data Center for Ministry of Culture and Tourism) has established altogether 3642 branches, bases, data cooperation networks and observation stations.

China Tourism Academy employs invitesdistinguished experts and scholars at homein China and abroad as academic consultants and academic committee members.

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