Based on the principles of "minimum of the internal staff, maximum of the outside forces, diversification of the sources of fund, and openness of the subject organization", we set up the administrative departments, research departments and the Academic Committee.The administrative departments refer to the Office, Research Administration Department and Academic Advancement Department.The institutes include Institute of Tourism Policy and Strategy Studies, Institute of Tourism Industry and Enterprise Development, Institute of Regional Tourism Planning and Development,Institute of International Tourism Development and National Laboratory for Tourism Economy(In Preparation). While the external institutes include the CTA Kunming Branch, CTA Wuhan Branch, Research Center of Tourism Market and Destination Marketing , Research Center of Tourism Theories , Research Center of Tourism Impact Studies , Research Center of Hospitality Industry ,Research Center of Tourism Safety and Security, Research Center of Urban Tourism, Research Center of Tourism in Taiwan, Research Center of Tourism Development in Western China, Research center of Tourism Vocational Education and Research Center of Tourism Standardization.

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