China Tourism Academy Summit 2017 Successfully Held in Beijing

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China Tourism Academy Summit 2017 themed “Contemporary Tourism: Practice and Theory Building” was successfully convened in Beijing from April 22 to 23. Dr. Du Jiang, Vice Chairman of China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), attended and addressed the summit.

Dr. Du Jiang pointed out that the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to scientific research and technological development, especially theoretical studies with Chinese characteristics. Therefore, CNTA has listed tourism big data and basic theoretical studies as key tasks for 2017. Compilation of Contemporary Tourism, CNTA’s key scientific research program in 2017, is entrusted to the tourism academia nationwide in order to incorporate various tourism practices such as all-for-one tourism, tourism-driven poverty alleviation, toilet renovation in scenic spots and tourism diplomacy into mainstream of tourism academic system and theoretical framework , so as to form contemporary tourism development theory with Chinese characteristics.

He stressed that practice and theoretical studies of China’s tourism industry are now well-based and the time is right for building a contemporary tourism development theory with Chinese characteristics. He noted that theoretical studies should be rooted in tourism industry practice and focus on innovative practices in tourism development across the country. An open mind is needed to well coordinate government departments, tourism industry, and academia and research institutions. He hoped that Contemporary Tourism blaze new paths, accumulate experience and set examples in this regard.

On the Summit, the list of 2016 CNTA Excellent Research Achievement and the list of Approved CNTA Scientific Research Programs in 2017 were released. Dr. Du Jiang awarded prizes to the winners.

The prize-awarding ceremony of “Tourism Thinkers 2017” was also held during the Summit. CTA President Dai Bin awarded the prize of “Tourism Thinker” to Wang Zhenghua, Chairman of the board of Spring Group, and his company, as a token of their outstanding contributions to China’s tourism industry and low-cost airline business. Wang Yu, Chairman of the board of Spring Airlines and President of Spring Group, received the prize and made an acknowledgement speech on behalf of Wang Zhenghua.

President Dai Bin chaired the session of keynote speeches joined by keynote speakers Jiang Baodong, Vice Mayor of Hulunbeir, Xiao Honggen, Professor at School of Hotel and Tourism Management of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Qinghua, Chairman of the board of Joyu Group and founder of and CTA Vice President Dr. Li Zhongguang.

On the afternoon of April 22, three panels respectively themed“All-for-one Tourism and Sustainable Development”,“Tourism Investment and Industrial Upgrading”, and “Tourism+”were held. Participating experts held in-depth discussions about relevant topics and contributed insights and wisdom to the system of contemporary tourism development theory.

On the morning of April 23, CTA Vice President Li Zhongguang chaired the Special Seminar for Postdoctoral Researchers and Young Scholars & Closing Ceremony of the China Tourism Academy Summit 2017. Representatives of postdoctoral researchers and young scholars from CTA, Liaoning University, Beijing Technology and Business University, Huaqiao University, and Xizang Minzu University held heated discussions centering upon “growth of young scholars”.

At the seminar, President Dai Bin awarded the prize of Excellent Papers of China Tourism Academy Summit 2017 to winners and made closing remarks titled “Modernity and Craftsmanship of Tourism Studies”.

Over 300 people attended the summit, including officials from relevant departments of CNTA and its affiliated organizations, representatives of co-organizers, friends from media, tourism research institutions, tourism businesses and government agencies.

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