President Dai Bin Led a Team to Lincoln University in New Zealand for Academic Exchanges

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On November 22, 2017, President Dai Bin Led a team to Lincoln University in New Zealand for academic exchanges. 

Prof. Greg Ryan, Dean of Faculty of Environment, Society and Design, made a comprehensive introduction to the basic information of teaching, research, feature, and predominant disciplines at Lincoln University. Prof. David Simmon, Founder of the Department of Tourism, Sport and Society, said that China was the second largest in-bound tourists generating country for New Zealand, in the past two years, the number of Chinese tourists were rapidly increasing; he predicted that to 2020 China would replace Australia as the largest in-bound tourists generating country for New Zealand; and he also expressed his hope that Lincoln University and China Tourism Academy (CTA) could jointly research the driving force mechanism behind the growth. 

President Dai Bin introduced the basic information and major missions of CTA and the National Tourism Data Center (NTDC), and suggested establishing the mechanism of China-New Zealand tourism data exchange and sharing and personnel communication and cooperation. As for reception of Chinese tourists, he suggested strengthening Chinese language service, improving the degree of convenience and that of tourist satisfaction, scientifically evaluating the tourism carrying capacity, tourism economy, comprehensive social influence of tourist destination, promoting destination community participation and sustainable development, reducing the restrictions on visas for technicians and administrators, and increasing the number of business visa.  

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