The Third East-West Dialogue on Tourism and the Chinese Dream Held in Australia

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From November 23 to 26, 2017, the Third East-West Dialogue on Tourism and the Chinese Dream was successfully held at the Marriott Hotel on the Gold Coast under the joint sponsorship of China Tourism Academy (CTA), the Griffith Institute for Tourism (GIFT) and the Griffith Tourism Confucius Institute (GTCI).

In their speeches, both Griffith President Prof. Ian O’Connor and Griffith Professor Emeritus and GTCI first Director Colin Mackerras believed that the Chinese Dream and Chinese people’s pursuit for good life would greatly promote tourism industry development in China and Australia, and significantly increase the number of Chinese tourists to Australia.At the opening ceremony, President Dai Bin gave a keynote speech entitled “The Joint Efforts and People’s Support for China-Australia Tourism Cooperation”. 

He pointed out that the significant achievement of China-Australia tourism exchanges in the past ten years could be a noticeable sample or case either in the framework of bilateral trading and cultural exchanges or in the view of world tourism development. He also observed that the joint efforts and diplomatic relation played a decisive role in China-Australia tourism exchanges and cooperation. And looking into the future and on the basis of the comprehensive strategic partnership, he had an optimistic prediction on China-Australia tourism cooperation and exchanges.At the conference, Tourism Research Australia and China Tourism Academy jointly organized a seminar on China-Australia tourism cooperation and exchanges.

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