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CTA Delegation Visited China Association of Travel Services for Research

2021-07-06 15:02:27       Size:[L  M  S]

On the afternoon of June 9, President Dai Bin led a delegation to China Association of Travel Services for research. Secretary General Sun Guizhen, Director of Integrated Management Department Gao Jingjing, Director of Business Cooperation Department Ren Longfei, Director of Development Research Department Zou Hao, Director of Branch Management Department Liu Nian, and Director of Service Department Jin Zhanlin from CATS attended the research forum.


Sun Guizhen, Secretary General of CATS, welcomed and thanked President Dai Bin and the delegation for their investigation and guidance. She introduced the business and operation status of CATS and its eight branches, and expected further cooperation and exchange on tourism service, customized tourism and other businesses with CTA.


President Dai gave recognition to the achievements of CATS in team building, contribution to the industry’s interests and expressing the industry’s opinions and demands, and raised four suggestions for further cooperation between the two sides: 1. strengthen strategic mutual trust; 2. increase communication and interaction between both sides; 3. expand data exchange and information sharing; 4. improve industry development, business mode cultivation and policy study.


CTA delegation includes Dr. Zhou Yan from the Policy Institute, Dr. Zeng Tian from the Data Analysis Institute, Postdoctor Han Jinfang, Hou Pingping and Caoyang, and Research Assistant Ma Xiaofen from the Policy Institute.

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