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CTA Delegation Visited China Telecom, Everbright Cultural Tourism and Aladdin Holdings for Research and Cooperation Discussion

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Recently, President Dai Bin led a delegation to China Telecom, Everbright Cultural Tourism and Aladdin Holdings for research and cooperation discussion.


On May 27, President Dai Bin and Vice President Tang Xiaoyun from CTA and Ni Yangping, General Manager of Cultural Tourism Department of Everbright Group and Chairman of the Board of China Youth Travel Service Group visited China Telecom for research and cooperation discussion. Vice General Manager Chen Shunong of Government and Enterprise Customer Business Division of China Telecom presided over the meeting and expressed gratitude for the visit.



General Manager Liu Ying of Government and Enterprise Customer Business Division of China Telecom introduced the Group’s business structure, information and technology capacity construction (including data center platform, 5G foundation and tourism data standard) and the student companies. Vice General Manager Fan Hua of Business Customer Development Department of Government and Enterprise Customer Business Division introduced the market scale, transformation path and technical advantages of China Telecom, demonstrated its cultural tourism resources and overall view, and proposed future cooperation between the three parties in promoting the integration of production, education and research, integrating resources and expanding the market.


After reviewing the development history of tourism, and combining with the current trend of technological update and user habit change which force the development of the industry, General Manager Ni Yangping proposed the cooperation demands of Everbright Cultural Tourism Department in enhancing the cultural tourism competitiveness and leading the market construction standards.


President Dai Bin firstly expressed gratitude for the support from China Telecom. After analyzing the situation faced by cultural tourism industry, he talked about the further cooperation in three aspects: 1. CTA expects to improve tourism statistics system with the support from the joint laboratory of CTA and China Telecom, deepen the data analysis, and establish a regular visit and data exchange mechanism; 2. CTA hopes to cooperate with Cultural Tourism Department of Everbright Group to provide more tourism experience for the users, build the tourism industry ecosystem and realize the integration of data, scenes and contents based on 5G and Tianyi Cloud; 3. Carry out research on the relationship between new facilities and tourism, enhance technology contents with 5G as the breakthrough point, and integrate technology into the contents.


Director He Qiongfeng and Dr. Zeng Tian from the Data Analysis Institute, Dr. Chen Nan from the Statistics and Survey Institute, and Guo Kexin participated in the meeting.


On the afternoon of May 28, President Dai Bin led a delegation to Aladdin Holdings Group for investigation and exchange. Chairman of the Board Yang Renqiang, Vice Tourism President Ai Lina, Capital Investment Supervisor Tang Wei, Aviation Chairman Assistant Li Jingjun and Tourism Operation Manager Jin Xiao Participated in the meeting.


Mr. Yang Renqiang expressed gratitude to the delegation for the visit and guidance, and introduced the development history, current status, market positioning, business sections, core strategy and future layout of the Group. Aladdin focuses on environmental protection resources and consumer services with tourism service as the may orientation. The Group regards tourism as a super flow entrance, provides support for tourism through Dangdang App, combines tourism service with community economy, builds a tourism community, changes the low-frequency characteristics of tourism, and creates a high-frequency business model in which tourists leave but remain active in the community. He hopes Aladdin and CTA can work together to develop new business models in the field of combining tourism services with community economy.


President Dai Bin responded to Mr. Yang's related topics and believed that Aladdin's tourism community development model is in line with the trend of the times. Tourism is a highly competitive and market-based industry that values channels, platforms, resources and contents. From the perspective of investment, the basic business form of tourism is still based on channels, but the content creation is becoming more and more important, among which culture and technology are two important drivers. CTA is willing to work together with Aladdin to develop new business models by establishing the laboratory of tourism service community economy, so as to provide efficient services for tourists and create new values.

Finally, Director Yang Honghao of Industry Institute conducted further communication with the team of Aladdin on the future direction, mode, mechanism and contents of cooperation between the two sides, and they reached consensus on the joint construction of "Tourism Service + Community Economy Innovation Laboratory".


Associated Researcher Zhang Yang from the Industry Institute, Postdoctor Hou Pingping and Ma Xiaofen attended the meeting.

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