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Director Yuan Hua of Department of Culture and Tourism of Anhui Province Led a Delegation to CTA

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On the afternoon of June 10, President Dai Bin met with the delegation from Department of Culture and Tourism of Anhui Province led by Director Yuan Hua. Mr. Yuan expressed the expectations from the visit, as well as the willingness to discuss with CTA about how to accelerate the high-quality development of tourism in Anhui together , so as to drive the overall development of the Province. He also hoped President Dai visit Anhui and give them some suggestions after investigation. Vice Director Zhou Mingjie and Zhang Jian introduced the development of tourism in Anhui Province, and also expressed the willingness to cooperate with CTA.


President Dai Bin expressed his welcome to the delegation. He gave recognition to the development and progress of tourism in Anhui Province. There have been obvious achievements, the overall balanced development have been put on the agenda, more market entities have emerged, and inter-provincial demands have increased, all of which provide solid foundation for the tourism development. The future focus shall be resumption of consumer confidence, relationship between investment and tourism, guarantee for the security and health demands of the tourists. For the development of homestay, President Dai pointed out that “attention should not only be paid to the upgrade of homestay, but also to the commercial rationality, ensuring the affordability by the tourists and profit of the merchants. He believed that “embedded development” stay mode and “sharing good place” should be the normal development type of homestay industry.


The two sides also carried out discussion and negotiation on their cooperation relationship.


The delegation from Department of Culture and Tourism of Anhui Province includes Vice Director Zhang Jian and Zhou Jieming, Director Li Yibing of General Office, Director Fan Xinghong of Industry Development Division, Director Yang Liu and Vice Director Li Hui of Communication and Cooperation Division, and Officer Li Debian. Participants from CTA include Vice President Tang Xiaoyun, Director Song Ziqian of Policy and Science & Education Institute, Director Wu Pu of Strategy Research Institute, Postdoctor Hou Pingping and Assistant Researcher Ma Xiaofen.

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