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CTA Research Team Visited Tianjian Times (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

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On the afternoon of Mar. 4, President Dai Bin led a team to Tianjian Times (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman of the Board Liu Jianhong and CEO Sun Qiguang of the company participated in the meeting.

Chairman Liu Jianhong extended warm welcome to the team, introduced the slow live broadcasting and vlog video technology of the company, and explained the policy supervision and technical logic at the visual scenic spots. He displayed the scene operation of cloud live broadcasting, and hoped to carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation with CTA. CEO Sun Qiguang introduced the company’s business marketing model and project development, further explained the relationship between video technology and data generation, and hoped to discuss the technology application of scenic spot visualization with CTA.

President Dai discussed the research on scenic spot visualization with the participants, and believed that we should adhere to the problem-oriented principle for the research on scenic spot visualization and scenic spot system innovation and pay attention to information collection and data results. We should find out the changes of market and technology for the subject research, create irreplaceable tourism products, and establish the research ideas of innovative development concept. We should make use of new technological means to implant traditional scenic spots into our daily life and force the innovation of management system and development mechanism.


Representatives from both parties carried out discussion and exchanges on research mechanism of visual scenic spot. Attendees from CTA include: Dr. Hu Yongjun from Data Analysis Institute, Postdoctor Liu Xiaorong, Guest Graduate Student Ma Xiaofen from Policy, Science and Education Institute, etc.


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