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Celebration of “March 8th” International Women’s Day by CTA Labor Union

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Recently, following the arrangement of the labor union of the Ministry, CTA celebrated the “March 8th” International Women’s Day, with the majority of female staff participating in the event. On the morning of Mar. 8, CTA labor union held a rope skipping competition with the theme of “strengthening the body and heart” in the Southern District of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

President Dai Bin and the representatives of mid-level male staff extended their greeting with flowers. President Dai Bin expressed warm congratulations to all female staff on the festival, on behalf of CTA Party Branch Committee and the management team. Over the years, the female staff have been dedicated to scientific research and administration. They love their posts and work hard, take on heavy responsibilities, and have made outstanding contributions to the cause of CTA (data center). He expressed sincere thanks to all the female staff. It is hoped that under the new historical conditions, the female staff will earnestly shoulder the new mission, constantly create new career development, actively participate in physical exercise, devote themselves to various works with strong body and full enthusiasm, and make more contributions to the construction of national high-end think tank in the new era. He wished all the female staff a happy family, solidarity and mutual assistance, and a successful career in the coming days.

The event has received the positive responses from the female staff. They are smart, fast, bright and brave, showing beautiful style, and creating the harmonious atmosphere of conscious exercise, active fitness, pursuit of health and tenacious struggle. All the participants thought that the rope skipping competition not only exercised their bodies, but also promoted unity. They would continue to carry forward the spirit of striving and forging ahead, unity and cooperation in their future work, and contribute to the development of CTA.

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