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Expert Interpretation and Implementation Seminar on “the 14th Five-Year Plan for Tourism Development” in Beijing

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On the morning of Jan. 21, 2022, the Expert Interpretation and Implementation Seminar on “the 14th Five-Year Plan for Tourism Development” (referred to as “the Plan”) was held in Beijing both online and offline, with the theme of “New Blueprint for High-quality Development of Public Tourism in the New Era”, aiming at deep interpretation, promotion and implementation of the Plan for the high-quality development of tourism. Participants include guests from Division of Resource Development, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Hubei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Beijing Tourism Group, CYTS, Shaanxi Tourism Group, Joyu Lvmama Group, Yunnan University, Beijing International Studies University, Luoyang Normal University, Macau Institute of Management and Griffith University of Australia. President Dai Bin delivered a conclusion speech for the Seminar.

Xu Haijun, Deputy Director of the Division of Resource Development, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, introduced the compilation and contents of the Plan. He emphasized that the Ministry attached great importance to the Plan, and put forward valuable guidelines for the in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and also the preparation of the Plan; the leaders held meetings to clarify the requirements, which effectively secured the quality and schedule. According to his speech, the Plan is proposed based on high standards, frequent practices and long-term strategy, and has been improved from the overall perspectives, with focus on three basic factors: 1. enhance the guidance; 2. secure the practicability; 3. strengthen the organic cohesion. He also made a concise summary of the Plan, and highlighted the outstanding points.

Song Ziqian, Director of the Institute of Policy, Science and Education as well as Chief Strategy Researcher, introduced the previous five-year plans for tourism development, and stressed that the “14th Five-Year Plan” has greatly boosted the confidence of all walks of life, clarified the function and positioning of tourism development in the new stage, and put forward the basic measures for the high-quality development.

On the Seminar, the “1+1” dialogue was carried out between Dai Bin, President of CTA and Yuan Hua, Secretary of the Leading Party Group and Director of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Anhui Province, deeply discussing the topics such as the characteristics of public tourism in the new era, the connotation and measures for the high-quality tourism development, implementation of the Plan in Anhui Province, among others. According to their opinions, local tourism development should be consistent with national tourism development, as well as local economic and social development, with emphasis on the active role of market entities.

Tang Xiaoyun, Vice President of CTA, held the topic discussion. Luo Yi, Vice Director of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Bureau of Radio and Television, shared Shanghai’s implementation proposal for the Plan; Tang Changhua, the Leading Party Group Member and Chief Planner of Hubei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, expressed his viewpoints on the new characteristics of the Plan and tourism innovation in Hubei Province; Zhou Bing, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Shaanxi Tourism Group, Wu Jinmei, Member of the Standing Party Committee and Vice General Manager of Beijing Tourism Group, Luo Haijing, Member of the Party Committee and Assistant to President of CYTS, and Zhou Wentao, Vice President of Joyu Lvmama Group and General Manager of Kchance, respectively introduced the strategies of their companies; Professor Tian Li from Yunnan University shared his opinions on tourism development in western and border areas during the “14th Five-Year Plan”; Professor Zhang Lingyun from Beijing International Studies University analyzed the new trends and his suggestions to modern and intelligent tourism development; Wu Fenglin, Director of the Institute of Planning and Leisure of CTA, raised his perspectives on regional development pattern and market changes.

During the special sharing session, Fan Xinghong, Director of Industrial Development Division, Anhui Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, introduced the planning results for tourism development. Professor Liang Liuke, President of Luoyang Normal University, Professor Tang Jizong, President of Macau Institute of Management, and Professor Ding Peiyi from Griffith University of Australia, respectively raised their expectations on tourism development in counties, in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and globally.

During the final session, President Dai Bin delivered the conclusion speech titled “the High-quality Tourism Development with Focus on People, Modernization and Future”. According to him., the public tourism has experienced full development in the past five years, with the characteristics of integration and innovation; in the following five years, the tourism industry will still welcome high-quality development, as the people have expectations on tourism leisure, the nation has requirements on tourism development, and innovations are stimulated; we need to adhere to the people-oriented, modernized and future-planned development, to make efforts for the high-quality development.

Vice President Tang Xiaoyun presided over the Seminar. Participants from CTA include Associate Researcher Jiang Yanxia, Assistant Researcher Zhou Yan, Doctor Cao Yang, Visiting Doctor Ma Xiaofen and some postdoctors.

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