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President Dai Bin Led an Investigation in Gaobeidian Village

2022-01-24 09:49:30       Size:[L  M  S]

On Jan. 21, President Dai Bin led a delegation to investigate the Ruins of Two Temples and One Sluice, Gaobeidian Village History Museum, Tonghui Xinchuan Renovation Project, etc., to understand the canal transport history and canal culture of Gaobeidian Village. Discussions are carried out regarding the integrated development of culture and tourism.

Gaobeidian Party Committee Member Liu Hong expressed the warm welcome to the delegation, and introduced the social, economic, cultural and tourism development of the village. Deputy Township Head Gao Yunhan introduced the location advantages, historical evolution, cultural and tourism development layout, industrial structure, future development ideas, etc. Deputy Township Head Gao Yana introduced the bottlenecks during cultural and tourism development, problems in industrial upgrading, and the next development plans.

President Dai Bin expressed his views on the opportunities brought by the Grand Canal Cultural Belt from the aspects of self-orientation, others’ perspectives and national strategies, the development orientation of culture and tourism, the project layout, and the integration and promotion of cultural and tourism resources. Both parties have reached a consensus for further cooperation in and jointly promotion of innovation in the construction of the Beijing section of the Grand Canal Cultural Belt.

Wang Zisheng, Deputy Secretary of the Party General Branch of Gaobeidian Village, Li Tao, Director of the Party Construction Office, and Zhou Jing, CEO of Youlai Youwang International Culture Communication Co., Ltd., participated in the meeting. CTA delegation includes Doctor Li Qiang from the Scientific Research Management Department, Postdoctor Hou Pingping and Li Yin from the Industry Institute, and Assistant Researcher Ma Xiaofen from the Policy Institute.

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