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The Seminar and Donation Ceremony of Academic Materials in Memory of Mr. Guo Laixi Co-hosted by CTA and Davost

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On the morning of Jan. 13, 2002, the Seminar and Donation Ceremony of Academic Materials in Memory of Mr. Guo Laixi was Co-hosted by CTA and Davost in Beijing. President Dai Bin attended the meeting and ceremony and delivered a speech. The participants also include Mr. Guo’s wife Fu Lining, his former colleague, friend and student - Professor Wu Dianting from Beijing Normal University, Zhou Jianming, Director of Institute of Culture and Tourism Planning, China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, Ning Zhizhong, Chief Planner of Tourism Research Center, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS, Tao Li, Dean of College of Resources, Environment and Tourism of Capital Normal University, Dr. Liu Feng, Founder of Davost, Shu Ying, Chairman of Davost, Dai Shengjuan, Director of President Office, Zhao Yingxia, Market Manager of Davost, Song Ziqian, Director of Policy Institute of CTA, Wu Fenglin, Director of Planning Institute, Li Qiang, Head of Science and Research Management Department, Long Xumei, Head of Document and Information Center, Ma Xiaofen, Assistant of Policy Institute, etc.

President Dai introduced National Tourism Literature and Information Center, expressed gratitude for the donated documents from Mr. Guo’s wife and Davost, and confirmed CTA will pay great importance to the documents and give full play to them. He also cherished the memory of Mr. Guo, and thought Mr. Guo is the initiator of tourism, making efforts to do just that thing, and his academic ideas and scientific spirit worth our learning.

Dr. Liu Fengbo recalled Mr. Guo’s life story, pointing out that Mr. Guo is a learned wise man, a rigorous scholar and a kind elder, who has made outstanding contributions to the fields of human and economic geography, tourism geography, tourism planning and talent training. He also introduced the basic information of the donated materials and put forward some concrete ideas to commemorate Mr. Guo and carry forward his academic thoughts.

On behalf of Mr. Guo’s family, Ms. Fu Lihua expressed her gratitude to the National Tourism Literature and Information Center of CTA for the collection, believing that it was the best place for the documents to belong and the best way to play the value and role of them. She recalled that Mr. Guo liked buying books, reading, writing books and collecting books, and he was meticulous to scientific research and ready to help others, with students everywhere. People often say that he had chosen a best career in his life, a generation of intellectuals have the corresponding responsibility, and he tried to do what he could do in that era.

Other participants also recalled their communication with Mr. Guo, expressing respect and memory for Mr. Guo’s academic excellence and noble character. Professor Wu Dianting thought Mr. Guo is a model of great wisdom and courage and a model of great love, commending him for his foresight, great wisdom, adherence to truth, great courage and responsibility. Director Zhou Jianming said he is very lucky to be Mr. Guo’s students, and Mr. Guo’s teaching, care for students’ life and setting an example for students have greatly influenced him and will never be forgotten. He thought Mr. Guo had a master style, and was full of patriotism and an excellent inheritor of the Chinese humanistic spirit. Chief Planner Ning Zhizhong pointed out that Mr. Guo had a strong sense of mission as a scholar and a strategic thinking that kept pace with the times, as well as a broad academic vision and a character that made him ready to help others. Dean Tao Li said Mr. Guo had a strong sense of mission and responsibility for the tourism industry, pursuing the truth and making a pioneering contribution to tourism geography. He was enthusiastic, guided the younger generation style, and his spirit is always a model to learn. Director Wu Fenglin recalled his communication with Mr. Guo during his study in the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS, pointing out Mr. Guo  is an academic master, whose academic thoughts have had a profound impact on his scientific research career.  

All kinds of materials donated by Mr. Guo’s family and Davost totaled 17 boxes and thousands of pieces, including his research manuscripts in various periods, master’s and doctor’s theses under his guidance and treasured books and materials. National Tourism Literature and information Center will sort out and electronize these precious materials, so that the spiritual wealth left by predecessors in the academic world can be passed on forever.

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