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Work Discussion between CTA and China Digital Culture Group Co., Ltd.

2022-01-12 09:51:42       Size:[L  M  S]

On Jan. 12, President Dai led a delegation to have work discussion with China Digital Culture Group Co., Ltd. The meeting was hosted by Dai Liumei, Party Secretary, Executive Director and General Manager of the Group. Both parties introduced their business, and carried out deep discussion and communication on culture and digital tourism.

Vice General Manager Gao Yuena of the Group introduced the digital platform, national culture big data system and digital protection and inherit of intangible cultural heritage, and displayed some digital culture creation cases. President Dai raised questions and made communication on data acquisition for digital production, knowledge graphs in culture big data system and big data underlying association integration system.

Both parties agreed to strengthen cooperation in data center construction and important project introduction, and explore request-oriented and frequent database construction method and mode. Participants also include Zhou Guangming, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Group, Yang Honghao, Director of Industry Institute of CTA and other related principals.

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