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The “Oral History of Chinese Tourism” Team Completed the Special Interview on Taiwan

2022-05-23 15:43:00       Size:[L  M  S]

CTA has completed interviews with 118 well-known figures in the tourism industry across the country ever since the establishment of the “Oral History of Chinese Tourism” team, and launched a special interview with the historical contributors to cross-strait tourism exchanges in Taiwan in spring 2022. Under the support of the leadership of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, as well as the Taipei Office of the Cross-Strait Tourism Exchange Association, the project team has completed all the work plans and achieved the expected goals.

The special interview mainly focused on two issues: 1. the development history of cross-strait two-way tourism exchanges; 2. the history of travel agency, hotel and tourism in Taiwan. Invited by CTA and Taipei Office of Cross-Strait Tourism Exchange Association, Zhou Qingxiong, former Chairman of China Travel Service in Taiwan, Zhang Xuelao and Yan Changshou, former Presidents of Taiwan Tourism Association, Lai Sezhen, President of Taiwan Tourism Exchange Association, Yao Daguang, President of Taiwan Cross-Strait Travel Development Association, and Xu Jinrui, President of the Cross-Strait Travel Association, respectively accepted the special interview. The on-site interview in Taipei was hosted by Ren Jiayan, Director of Taipei Office of Cross-Strait Tourism Exchange Association, and President Dai Bin and all the members of the team carried out an online interaction in Beijing with the interviewees.

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