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President Dai Bin Led an Investigation in Tianjin Tourism Group

2022-07-14 14:58:00       Size:[L  M  S]

On Jul. 13, 2022, President Dai Bin led a delegation to Tianjin Tourism Group for investigation and communication.

Zuo Jian, Chairman of the Board of the Group introduced the Group’s efforts in promoting the industrial layout of “cultural tourism + health care” in recent years, accelerating the construction of Haihe cultural tourism, health care and old-age care, characteristic hotels and property management, rural tourism and other leading work, as well as the state-owned enterprises’ responsibilities in safeguarding people’s livelihood and stabilizing employment since COVID-19. Accompanied by Cui Yiqiang, Deputy Secretary of the Group, leaders of relevant secondary enterprises and project management team, President Dai visited the Haihe Cruise, Nanshi Food Street, Lishunde Museum and other places, and had discussions and exchanges with the Group management.

During the investigation and symposium, President Dai fully recognized the new development and achievements made by the Group in the reform of state-owned enterprises, digital transformation, enterprise rescue, tourism recovery and other aspects under the leadership of Chairman Zuo, especially the Group’s active actions in fighting against COVID-19 and its role as a state-owned enterprise which have set an example for the national tourism industry. President Dai stressed that the tourism industry may never be the same as the past after the epidemic. Under the new situation, tourism product research and development and project construction need to change from scenery to scene, and tourism enterprises and groups need to shift their development from labor-intensive to culture-led and technology-driven mode. Both sides reached consensus on further strengthening the cooperation, brand building of the tourism group, conferences and forums, data sharing and personnel exchanges.

Director He Qiongfeng from the Data Analysis Institute and Dai Huihui from the Statistical Survey Institute also participated in the investigation and communication

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