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President Dai Bin Led an Investigation in Lishi Technology

2022-07-09 14:47:00       Size:[L  M  S]

On Jul. 6, President Dai Bin led a delegation to Yong’an Rice Fragrant Town and Zhejiang Lishi Technology Co., Ltd. for investigation and communication.

The delegation firstly visited Yong’an Digital Rice Fragrant Town which is a typical rural revitalization project of Lishi Technology. The rural professional manager Liu Song from Yuhang District warmly welcomed the delegation, introducing the overall situation and two-phase digital construction of the Rice Fragrant Town in detail. Both sides carried out complete and in-depth communication on the digital and intelligent transformation of traditional agricultural and cultural tourism industry and rural revitalization.

During the delegation’s investigation in Lishi Technology, Chairman Chen Haijiang introduced the core business and development status of the company, especially the SaaS platform service, Lishi knowledge base, industrial Internet operation and other sectors and typical cases.

President Dai pointed out that Lishi is a creative and practical company with clear business mode and rigorous operation logic, and gave full recognition to Lishi’s continuous increase of R&D investment, achievements in technology enabling the intelligent transformation of traditional agricultural tourism, as well as innovative industrial Internet model and the corresponding achievements. He stressed that tourism has gradually changed from a traditional industry to the modern one, entering a new era of comprehensive development of mass tourism; tourism that excessively relied on traditional resources in the past have been out of date, and the tourism market in the future will rely more on science, technology and culture; only cultural guidance and sci-technological empowerment may help understand the core factors of tourism. He also expressed the willingness of CTA to carry out comprehensive and strategic cooperation with Lishi in the fields of exploration of new models of food tourism, promotion of artificial intelligence application, and rural revitalization enabled by digital cultural tourism.

Delegates from Lishi Technology include Vice President Zheng Xulie, Hua Qinyong and Zhang Liangyou, President Assistant Miao Zeying, and Chairman Sun Aibing from Lishi Gaofu; delegates from CTA include Director He Qiongfeng and Dr. Hu Yongjun from Data Analysis Institute.

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