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Work Conference on Sci-tech Fueling 2020 Project between CTA and Sendinfo Technology

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On Jul. 7, President Dai Bin led a delegation from CTA to Zhejiang Sendinfo Technology Co., Ltd., and both sides held a work conference on sic-tech fueling 2020 project - a cloud platform for comprehensive epidemic prevention and control in the cultural and tourism industry based on time-sharing real-name reservation. They carried out communication on the development of the industry and related enterprises, sci-tech fueling 2020 project and other topics.

Chairman Wang Zaorong from Sendinfo Technology expressed warm welcome to the delegation. According to him, the company has been deeply engaged in the cultural tourism industry in recent years, driving the development of the industry through operation innovation and digital technology application, deeply integrating the cultural tourism scene with digital economy, and jointly exploring new models and new business forms with regulatory authorities, tourism groups, scenic spots and other industry participants, so as to further improve its service capability, supply capability and profitability. He also shared the exploration and practice in group digitalization of Huangshan Tourism, Tianmu Lake Tourism, China Travel Investment and other partners.

Chen Xiaohua, Vice President of Intelligent Cultural Tourism Research Institute, reported the overall progress of the technology-driven project and the closing plan, and demonstrated the achievements such as time-sharing real-name reservation system, visualization epidemic control system based on GIS and AR technology, etc. Currently, the company has actively carried out education and research integration cooperation with over 60 tourism vocational colleges and universities across the country through school-enterprise cooperation, and will further extensively apply the relevant achievements of the sci-tech fueling 2020 project to the important fields such as digital application talent training, industrial ecosystem of rural cultural tourism, etc., based on the national strategy of rural revitalization and talent construction.

President Dai highly recognized the company’s achievements in the digital construction of tourism destination, expressed his gratitude to the company for its long-term cooperation with CTA, and fully affirmed its efforts in R&D, cooperation, achievement development and personnel exchange for sci-tech fueling 2020 project. He delivered a detailed plan for the next steps, pointing out that the project team should follow the standards to gradually complete the acceptance of the project tasks, stick to the target of maintaining good results while striving for better, judge the periodic change of technology iteration, and leave interface for future technical change. He hoped both sides expand and deepen the cooperation, formulate models and standards for digital talent cultivation, digitalization of rural cultural tourism and other fields, promote multi-scene application and multi-platform promotion of the results through brand conferences such as the annual meeting of tourism groups, and strengthen digital construction of tourism destinations and value leading and application promotion of business models

Participants also include Vice President Wang Qinting and Shen Congbo from Sendinfo Technology, as well as Director He Qiongfeng and Dr. Hu Yongjun from Data Analysis Institute of CTA.

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