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President Dai Bin led an Investigation in Hangzhou Grand Canal Group and Nanjing Tourism Group

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At the beginning of July in 2022, President Dai Bin led a delegation to Ninghang region for investigation in Hangzhou Grand Canal Group and Nanjing Tourism Group, both of which are leading groups in national tourism industry. As strategic partners of CTA, the two groups have done lots of leading work in the integrated development of culture and tourism, technology-enabled tourism innovation, tourism recovery, industrial revitalization and promotion of high-quality tourism development.

During his stay in Hangzhou, President Dai investigated the construction site of the landmark project of the Grand Canal National Cultural Park developed and constructed by Hangzhou Canal Group - the comprehensive protection project of the old site of Hangzhou Iron &Steel Group, as well as the construction of key projects along the Hangzhou section of the Grand Canal. Lu Xiaoliang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Hangzhou Grand Canal Group introduced the general situation of the Group, construction plans of the old site, and future ideas on the landmark project of the Grand Canal National Cultural Park and canal culture tourism. Both sides carried out in-depth exchanges on the aspects such as the construction of the Grand Canal National Cultural Park, municipal innovation, tourism development and cooperation between both sides.

President Dai thanked the Group for its great contribution to the 2021 China Tourism Group Forum, construction of the Tourism Data Center and analysis on tourism economy. He expressed that the development plans, construction projects and innovation ideas for the core demonstration zoon of Hangzhou Grand Canal reflects the responsibilities of the large-scale tourism group, with instruction and leading significance in cultural inheritance, urban development and tourism innovation. President Dai stressed, the Group is the model enterprise in the integration of culture and tourism, as well as the important power for construction of modern tourism system and high-quality development of the industry, and CTA would like to fully promote the strategic cooperation with the Group.

During his stay in Nanjing, accompanied by Vice General Manager Qian Jie, related department heads and project management team of Nanjing Tourism Group, President Dai visited Jinling Historical and Cultural District, Jubaoshan Park and Zijin Villa, which are invested and managed by Nanjing Tourism Group. The research team was deeply impressed by the culture and creation, catering, karting, equestrian, e-sports, camping and other sports and outdoor leisure projects in urban leisure centers and country parks. Combining with the contemporary tourist attraction development theory of "from scenery to scene", President Dai exchanged views and suggestions with the Group leaders on the future innovative development based on full recognition for the Group’s efforts.

At the symposium, President Dai expressed his sincere gratitude to the Group for its strong support in key projects such as 2021 China Tourism Collectivization Forum, Young Entrepreneurs Forum, innovation research for culture and tourism integration and economic analysis on tourism, as well as the confidence in the new development of the Group under the leadership of the new Party Committee and board of directors with Chairman Huang Zhenyu as the leader. He stressed that as one of the top 20 tourism groups in China, Nanjing Tourism Group has played the demonstration and leading role for the high-quality tourism development in the aspects such as integrated development of culture and tourism, sports and leisure, scientific and technological innovation, reform of state-owned enterprise, etc. CTA is willing to continue to strengthen the cooperation between both sides, with no ceiling and no limitation in fields, working together for the future.

Director He Qiongfeng and Dr. Hu Yongjun from the Data Analysis Institute of CTA also participated in the investigation and communication.

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