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Communication on Construction of Sports Tourism Discipline between CTA and Hangzhou Normal University

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On Jul. 7, President Dai Bin led a delegation to Hangzhou Normal University, and carried out communication with the Physical Education College on the construction of sports tourism discipline.

Zhou Wu, Dean of the Physical Education College, express warm welcome to the delegation, and showed the delegation around the University History Hall and introduced the 100 years’ history of Hangzhou Normal University. Dean Zhou exchanged views on the faculty specialty, competition venues, international exchanges and cooperation, construction of new characteristic think tanks and other aspects of the college, and invited President Dai Bin as a visiting professor on behalf of the University.

President Dai fully affirmed the educational philosophy and achievements of the Physical Education College. He expressed that sports tourism is derived from the requirements of the country, the expectation of the people and the motivation of the industry; the construction of sports tourism discipline should be carried out in the framework of sports science, leisure science, tourism and other disciplines, and should be considered with the transformation from competitive sports to social leisure. He also stressed the requirements for the think tank construction of sports tourism discipline: 1. follow the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the construction of new think tanks and strengthened guidance of thought and values; 2. focus on the people’s yearning for a better life, as well as research on the empowerment of sports and tourism on revitalization of traditional culture, comprehensively promote the industrial development of sports into social leisure sports, and deeply explore the high-quality development of sports tourism under the framework of common prosperity.

Participants from Physical Education College of Hangzhou Normal University include President Yuan Zhijie, Professor Liu Yang, Professor Luo Jianying, and Dr. Liu Huaxiang; participants from CTA include Director He Qiongfeng and Dr. Hu Yongjun from Data Analysis Institute.

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