President Dai Bin Led a Team to Changchun for Investigating the Data Center Building

2017-07-05 10:30:41       Size:[L  M  S]

In order to implement the CNTA leader’s direction about strengthening local tourism data center building, on July 3, President Dai Bin led a team to Changchun Municipal Tourism Administration and held the discussion on the Data Center building, tourism statistics, and tourism economy accounting. They also joined the opening ceremony of Changchun Municipal Tourism Data Center.

President Dai Bin’s team investigated Changchun Municipal Tourism Data Center and heard the introduction by the Municipal Tourism Administration. President Dai Bin stated that the function and position of tourism data center should be clarified in consideration of giving consultation and assistance to the government, promoting the industry innovation and development, and providing tourists with efficient and timely service. He emphasized on in-depth studies and understanding of demands from all walks of life as well as demand-oriented work. He expressed his hope that, in the future, local tourism administrations could build scientific tourism statistics indicator and data systems in accordance with their respective actual situations, with the aim of analyzing and accounting local tourism economy.  

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