2022 China Japan cultural tourism exchange conference held in Dalian

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On May 26, 2022, the 2022 China-Japan Cultural Tourism (Dalian) Exchange Conference, co-sponsored by China Tourism Academy, Dalian Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, and the CICG (China International Communications Group) Center for Asia and Pacific, and organized by the Dalian Tourism Exchange and Development Promotion Association, was held in a hybrid format. Focusing on the theme of "cooperation, development and win-win", the participants from both countries shared the experience of their tourism industries in adjusting to the pandemic and preparing for future recovery. Their in-depth discussion has given a strong boost to cultural and tourism exchanges and cooperation between China and Japan. Dr. Yang Jinsong, Director of the Institute of International Studies, China Tourism Academy, attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Promoting the construction of tourism destinations and building a regional tourism brand in East Asia". He recommended that city-based cooperation, with its distinctive features, rich innovation opportunities and strong feasibility, could serve as an engine and starting point and play a bigger role in the construction of tourism destinations frequently visited by tourists from both China and Japan.
The China-Japan Cultural Tourism (Dalian) Exchange Conference has been successfully held for four times. Many distinguished Japanese political leaders with influence in both China and Japan have attended previous events, including Toshihiro Nikai, then Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party, more than 10 members of the Japanese Diet, several prefectural governors, and dozens of mayors. The China tourism Academy attaches great importance to the cultural and tourism exchanges between China and Japan. It has always paid attention to and supported the conference, and actively supported it by means of academic guidance and personnel participation.

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