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CNTA's Project Approval and Prize Award

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Daily work entrusted by China National Tourism Administration, which promotes the tourism industry of the whole country to carry out research on important theoretical and practical problems in the development of the tourism industry, and rewards academic achievements which have made innovative contributions to the development of the tourism industry.

Scientific Research Projects Approval of CNTA

In order to attract more and better tourism academic resources to serve China’s tourism industry and the state’s macro strategy, on March 11th, 2009, the leading Party Group of CNTA authorized to carry out the tourism scientific research projects approval work to universities and colleges of tourism, scientific research institutions, government departments and enterprises and institutions meeting the relative qualifications of the subjects nationwide. Scientific research projects of CNTA focus on key theoretical and practical problems in the development of the tourism industry, aim at advancing the construction of a world tourism power as well as provide intellectual support for important decision-making of CNTA.

As for the First Scientific Research Projects Approval 2009, universities and colleges of tourism and relative enterprises and institutions nationwide have attached great importance to it and got actively involved in it. Thousands of application materials were submitted by 222 universities and colleges, and relative enterprises and institutions nationwide, and more than 60 experts and scholars participated in the evaluation. 35 projects ultimately went through the assessment, among which 20 were funded projects and the other 15 were non-funded ones.

Prize Awarding of China Excellent Tourism Academic Achievements

In order to bring into play the enthusiasm and creativity of tourism scholars nationwide to research on and explore into the basic theories and practice of tourism, CNTA will carry out selection and reward of tourism academic achievements nationwide of the last year. Guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of “Three Represents” and thoroughly implementing the Scientific Outlook on Development, such achievements aim at constructing a world power of tourism and fostering important industries of the national economy, give prominence to clear objective, reality and applicability, and persist in combining with the development of tourism and practice of management, as well as combining with teaching and scientific research of tourism. Academically, they have high academic and application values. In practice in particular, they have obvious social effects and make outstanding contributions to advancing the transition and upgrading of China’s tourism industry.

Authorized by CNTA, Prize Awarding of Excellent Tourism Academic Achievements of CNTA for the year 2009 would not be initiated for the time being.

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