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China Tourism Academy Summit

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Work entrusted by China National Tourism Administration, which provides an advanced communication platform for scientific researchers of China’s tourism to explore into problems which are of common concern and need solving such as research progress of the subject, construction orientation and future trends.

                                                         China Tourism Academy Summit 2009 (first Session) held in Beijing


                                                                                     China Tourism Academy Summit 2009 (first Session) held in Beijing


                                                                  Du Jiang, Vice chairman of CNTA, President of CTA attended and addressed to the Summit


                                              Mr. Li Wenhua, fellow of Chinese Academy of Engineering and famous ecologist, delivered the keynote speech


                                             Mr. Shen Baojia, famous tourism scholar of China and academic consultant of CTA delivered the special speech

                                                                        Wei Xiao’an, Director of the Academic Committee of CTA delivered the special speech

                              Zhang Jianzhong, Chief of the Department of Policies and Laws and Regulations of CNTA announced the project approval results of the scientific research achievements at the provincial or ministry level of CNTA.

                                  Shi Peihua, Vice-president of CTA announced the research achievements of China’s Tourism Research (1978-2008)

                                                                                             Dai Bin, Vice-president of CTA hosted the meeting

China Tourism Science Summit 2009, hosted by CTA, was held at Beijing International Conference Centre on April 26th, 2009. Du Jiang, Vice Chairman of CNTA and President of CTA attended and addressed the summit.

Vice Chairman Du Jiang pointed out that the past 2008 was an extraordinary year, and also a year of exultation for the Chinese tourism academia. CNTA attached great importance to tourism scientific research. Last year witnessed many landmark events. Firstly, the Tourism Education Branch of China’ Tourism Association was founded and served as an important platform of extensively uniting and gathering tourism education and research efforts; secondly, against the background of the Central Government down-sizing administrative agencies, CNTA managed to founds China Tourism Academy after years of persistent efforts with the kind solicitude of the leaders of the State Council; thirdly, CNTA initiated the provincial and ministry level scientific research project approval and appraisal program. At present, the approval work has already begun, and the appraisal work will begin next year.  The tourism industry has finally established its own main mechanism for provincial and ministry level scientific research project approval and appraisal, which has been anticipated in the last 30 years. In 2009, the ceremony of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PRC also marks the 30th anniversary of the real beginning of higher education of tourism and tourism scientific research in China. The year 2009 also witnesses the recovery of China’s tourism industry from the financial crisis and the regaining of brilliance. The Chinese tourism academia will shoulder greater responsibilities and missions. It is hoped that with this opportunity, the Chinese tourism scholars can gather together and put forward suggestions as to ensure the prompt recovery and the sustainable development of the tourism industry of China as well as to realize the innovation and development of China’s tourism research. The summit will be an annual event, with the goal of building itself into a high-end platform for the Chinese tourism academia to exchange ideas, discuss academic issues and demonstrate research achievements. The Summit will become an important bond in the Chinese tourism circle and serve as a platform for announcing the annual results of the CNTA scientific research project approval and appraisal program.
Mr. Shen Baojia, famous Chinese tourism scholar and academic advisor of CTA, Mr. Li Wenhua, Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and famous ecologist, and Mr. Cheng Wendong, Honorary Vice-president of China Tourism Association attended the Summit.
The Summit was attended by responsible persons of the relative departments and offices of CNTA and delegates from the Natural Sciences Foundation, China Tourism Association, China Tourism News, China Tourism Press and Tourism Tribune. Mr. Fan Min, President of ctrip.com, delivered a speech on behalf of the sponsor of the Summit. Mr. Zhang Jianzhong, Director of the Department of Policy and Legal Affairs of CNTA announced the project approval results and the appraisal principles on behalf of CNTA. Media such as the tourism channel of Sohu.com and lotour.com record-broadcasted the Summit. 180 experts from various Chinese tourism education and research institutes attended the Summit. Almost all established experts in the relative fields attended the Summit and presented their respective conference articles. Experts present generally agreed that the Summit was a high-level, large-scale, representative and well-themed event, a high-end platform for the exchange of ideas among the Chinese tourism academia and an academic home where tourism scholars felt a sense of belonging.
Li Wenhua, Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered a special speech entitled “Ecology and Ecological Tourism Research”, in which he made many genuine insights from the perspective of ecological civilization and ecological tourism. These insights were of significant reference value to the ecological tourism theme year. Rich in content, the speech started with the origin of ecology, analyzed along the line of ecological science and tourism science, and covered a number of new hot issues such as the concept of ecological tourism concept, ecological tourism authentication, the impact of ecological tourism, ecological tourism development strategies, ecological tourism community involvement and ecological tourism education.
Shen Baojia, Academic Advisor of CTA and famous tourism scholar, is already 86 years old. As an elder scholar with an over half-a-century academic accumulation and a research experience of over 30 years in tourism, he has accumulated rich personal experience, studied tourism in depth and elaborated on issues in tourism education.. Mr. Shen pointed out the science of tourism should aim to establish itself as a major discipline which necessitated the support of a basic theoretical system, a discipline system, a qualified research and teaching team and rich literature. Therefore, the research on tourism at present should strengthen basic researches, attach importance to research methods and methodology, as well as emphasize empirical studies. During the process of tourism education, tourism educators should, first of all, ensure that they understand themselves before transmitting wisdom to, imparting knowledge to and resolving doubts of the tourism students.
CTA issued its research work entitled China’s Tourism Research 1978-2008, which systematically studied and summarized the major achievements, characteristics of each phase, basic laws and experience, future challenges, development direction, trends and relative suggestions concerning China’s tourism research in the past 30 years. Professor Wei Xiao’an, Director of the Academic Committee of CTA delivered the special speech under the title of “Paying Close Attention to the Frontier and its Concerns”. Professor Bao Jigang, Assistant to President and Director of the School of Tourism of Sun Yat-sen University delivered the special speech on “Institutional Opportunist Behaviors in Tourism Investment Attracting”. Professor Song Haiyan, Vice-president of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University delivered the special speech under the title of “Tourism Research in the West”.

In the afternoon special discussions were held in two groups. The first group conducted in-depth explorations into the subject construction of tourism. Experts including Politi Corrado, Xie Yanjun, Zhang Guangrui, Zhang Hui, Zou Tongqian, Ma Yong, Liu Deqian, Li Tianyuan, Luo Zibai, Xu Hong, Yang Weiwu, Zhang Shangzheng, Zhang Jie and Huang Fucai delivered special speeches. The second group circled their discussions around the present hot issues of tourism and Zhang Lingyun, Dai Xuefeng, Ma Bo, Zheng Xiangmin, Tian Li, Li Fengsheng, He Jianmin, Gu Huimin and Gao Jun delivered special speeches.

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