Blue Book of China’s Tourism Economy (No.4)

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Blue Book of China’s Tourism Economy (No.4)
China’s Tourism Performance: Review & Forecast (2011-2012)


Chapter 1 General Analysis and Forecast of China's Tourism Economy  
1. Overview of the operation of China's tourism economy in 2011
(1) Development environment
(2) Basic performance
(3) Characteristics of development
(4) Existing problems
2. Analysis and prediction of the development of tourism economy in 2011 
(1) Development situation 
(2) Prediction on development 
3. Policy suggestions for the development of tourism economy and the key work in 2012
(1) To take every possible meathods to expand tourism expenditure
(2) To promote coordinated development of inbound and outbound tourism with great efforts
(3) To improve tourism development quality
(4) To speed up market development
(5) To change tourism development model
(6) To strengthen international tourism cooperation

Chapter 2  Characteristics and Trend of Tourism Demand 
1.Overview of tourism demand in 2011
(1) General change of tourism demand
(2) Change of tourism demand stracture
2. Development trend of tourism demand in 2012
(1) Willingness of tour
(2) Opportunities and challenges for tourism demand development in 2012
(3) Prediction of tourism demand in 2012
3. Measures and suggestions on tourism demand management
(1) Create a more favarable developing enviornment
(2) Optimize domestic tourism market strature, improve tourism comsumption level
(3) Actively develop inbound tourism, widely attract overseas tourists
(4) Accelerate the development of modern supervision system in tourism field
(5) Build a normalized system for guaranteeing tourism safety

Chapter 3 Analysis and Forecast of  Tourism Enterprises Development
1. Overveiw of tourism enterprises operation in 2011
(1) Overview tourism enterprises operation 
(2) Overveiw of hotel industry operation
(3) Overview of travel agency industry operation
(4) Overview of scenic spots operation
(5) Overview of tourism enterprise groups operation
2. Overview of tourism enterprises development trend in 2011
(1) Overview of hotel industry development trend
(2) Overview of travel agency industry development trend
(3) Overview of scenic spots development trend
(4) Overview of tourism E-commerce development trend
3. Suggestions and Measures on tourism industry development
(1) Suggestions on hotel industry development
(1) Suggestions on travel agency industry development
(1) Suggestions on scenic spots industry development
(1) Suggestions on tourism E-commerce industry development

Chapter 4 Structure and Trend of Regional Tourism Economy
1. General operation pattern of regional tourism economy
(1) Leading position of Inbound tourism in East China strengthened,and relatively fast growth of outbound tourism in middle-west
(2) Great capacity for inbound tourism in East China, and relatively huge potential for development in middle-west China
(3) Overall growth of outbound tourism continues in East and middle-west China
2. Space characteristics of Provincial tourism competibility
(1) Research meathods and data sources
(2) Evaulation on provincial tourism competibility
3. Outlook on regional tourism development in 2012 and its countermeasures and suggestions 
(1) New characteristics in regional tourism development
(2) Suggestions and measures on regional tourism development

Chapter 5  Present Status and Prospect for Tourism in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, China  
1. Present status and prospect for tourism in Taiwai
(1) Overview of Taiwan tourism market development in 2011 
(2) Overview of Taiwan tourism industry development in 2011
(3) Outlook onTaiwan tourism industry development in 2012
2. Present status and prospect for tourism in  Hongkong
(1) Overview of Hongkong tourism market development in 2011
(2) Overveiw of Hongkong tourism industry development in 2011
(3) Outlook on Hongkong tourism industry development in 2012
3. Present status and prospect for tourism in  Macao
(1) Overview of Macao tourism market develoment in 2011
(2) Overview of Macao tourism industry development in 2011
(3) Outlook on Macao tourism industry development in 2012

Chapter 6 China's tourism in Global View  
1. Development of world’s tourism industry in 2010 and prediction on its trend in 2011 
(1) Overview of tourism industry developemnt in 2011
(2) Predication on world's tourism industry development trend in 2012
2. China positions in world's tourism economy further improved
(1) Inbound tourism international ranking improved,the proportion of China tourism market in the world pattern increased 
(2) Outbound tourism maintains at a relatively fast growth rate, promoting world's tourism industry growth
(3) Development trend
3. Internationalization progress of China’s tourism industry 
(1) Streamline visa procedures and improve chinese services in overseas destinations so as to facilitate outbound tourism
(2) Improve international tourism public services with other countries so as to better secure tourists' rights
(3) Outbound tourism business formally open to joint ventures, a substantial step for chinese enterprises "going global"
(4) Bilateral and multilateral international tourism cooperations further deepened and expended
4.Countermeasures for development China tourism industry
(1) To establish global tourism operation warning system
(2) To establish systematic, middle and long term regional tourism cooperation framework
(3) To improve outbound tourism development quality
(4) To give moderate protection to national enterpriases
(5) To enchance chinese enterprises "going global"

Chapter 7 Survey of Tourist  Satisfaction  
1. Background of the survey
(1) Survey purpose
(2) Survey Meathods
(3) Survey data
(4) Survey application
2. Main results of the Survey in 2011
(1) Nationwide tourist satisfaction recovers to basically satisfactory level
(2) Tourists saftisfaction of most sample cities is above basically satisfactory
(3) The Survey greatly contributes to sample cities'environment and service quality improvement
3. Overview of 2011 tourist satisfaction across the country 
(1) On-site questionnaire: the indices are relatively high and continue to rise
(2) Online survey: the indices are relatively stable.
(3) Tourism quality supervision survey: satisfaction indices are relatively low and improve slowly, 
4. Factors affecting tourist satisfaction 
(1) Expectation of tourists 
(2) Saftisfaction on overall services of destinations
(3) Satisfaction on tourism related industries 
(5) Satisfaction on tourism service elements
5. Main characteristics of tourist satisfaction in 2011 
6. Tourist satisfaction on golden weeks and minor holidays 
7. Measures and suggestions that base on Tourist Satisfaction Survey
(1) Formulate special plannings to promote destinations comprehesive development
(2) Strenghthen special researches, actively promote the experiences on tourists satisfaction improvement
(3) Perfect satisfaction evaluation system, to explore and build a long-term mechanism on tourists satisfaction improvement

Chapter 8 Special Research on China's Tourism Performance
1. Assessemnt on the development of China tourism comperhensive reform and suggestions on policies
(1) Present status of tourism comprehensive reform
(2) Strategic meaning on launching tourism comprehensive reform
(3) Development assessment on tourism comprehensive reform pilot areas
2. Trend and outlook for tourism-culture integration
(1) The status quo of tourism-culture integration
(2) New trend of tourism-culture integration
(3) Prediction on the trend of tourism-culture integration
(4) Policy suggestions for promoting in-depth integration and development of tourism and culture
3.Interanational tourist cities development should put a premium on cities counstruction
(1) Interanatioinal tourist cities development in world pattern
(2) Problems we should pay attention to in building international tourist cities
(3) Focusing on cities constructions, taiing quility improvement as orientation, substancially push forward interanational tourist cities development
4.A new perspective of ADS policies and research on its upgrade strategy
(1) ADS policy has great concern with China tourism economy and diplomacy overall strategy
(2) Objective evaluation on actual pressures for ADS and driving force for upgrade
(3) Policy suggestions on ADS policy and upgrade transformation
5. Development situation and outlook on marine tourism
(1) Strategic meaning on developing marine tourism
(2) Development status of Western coast areas of Pacific ocean
(3) Experiences learnt from Interanational marine tourism development
(4) Make scientific planning on China marine tourism
6. Present status and outlook on tourism public service system
(1) Present status on tourism public service
(2) Anyalsis on the reasons for promoting tourism public service
(3) Predictions on tourism public service trend
(4) Policy suggestions on promoting tourism public service

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