Development and Innovation Trend of China's and Foreign Tourism Hotel Industry

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Development and Innovation Trend of China's and Foreign Tourism Hotel Industry


Chapter 1 Development trend of China’s and foreign tourism market
1.1 Development trend of China tourism market
1.2 Development trend of foreign tourism market
Chapter 2 Current development of China and foreign hotel industry
2.1 Current development of China hotel industry
2.2 Current development of foreign hotel industry
2.3 Performance of global hotel industry
Chapter 3 Innovation trend of China tourism industry
3.1 Factors driving the innovation in tourism industry
3.2 Strategic role of innovation in tourism industry
3.3. Approaches to innovation in tourism industry
Chapter 4 Innovation trend of China hotel industry
4.1 Factors driving innovation in China hotel industry
4.2 Rise of featured hotels
4.3 Exploration of low-end market
4.4 Establish innovative brands
4.5 Development of hotel apartments and apartment hotels
4.6 Rise of online short-term rental market
Chapter 5 Innovation trend of foreign tourism hotels
5.1 Innovation trend of foreign tourism industry
5.2 Innovation trend of foreign hotel industry
5.3 Innovation of hotel business model
5.4 Innovation of hotel products
5.5 Innovation stimulated by new technologies
5.6 Innovation stimulated by change of population structure
Chapter 6 Outlook on development and investment in foreign hotels
6.1 Development of global hotels
6.2 Survey on opinions of global hotel investors
6.3 Hotel investment opportunities

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