Development Report of China’s Hotel Industry (2012-2013)

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Development Report of China’s Hotel Industry (2012-2013)


Chapter I Development environment and innovation power of hotel Industry
I. Push forward urbanization to expand development space for hotel industry
II. National income doubling secures development of hotel industry
III. Outline of Tourism & Recreation for the Chinese People provides the essential foundation
IV. Innovation, the best approach to develop hotel industry
Chapter II Performance and value growth pressure of hotel industry
I. Continuous growth of hotel size
II. Pressure on performance of hotel industry
III. Pressure on value growth in hotel industry
IV. Structural optimization in hotel industry
Chapter III Format Innovation of hotel industry
I. Hotels have entered Jungle Era
II. Economical hotels get into differentiation competition from previous focus on technologies and management
III. Medium hotels seek breakthroughs
IV. Luxury hotels are confronted with dilemma
V. Build the diversified holiday accommodation & reception systems
VI. Boutique and theme hotels rise rapidly
VII. Apartment hotels, perfect choice for investment and habitation
VIII. Health & regimen hotels emerge at the right time
IX. Hotels in urban/tourism complex
Chapter IV Business model innovation of hotel industry
I. Core factors in business model innovation
II. Business model innovation – with brand assets as the core factors
III. Business model innovation – with management capacity as core resources
IV. Business model innovation – with capital possession as core factors
V. Vacation rental model – integrating scattered holiday resources
Chapter V Operation management innovation of hotel industry
I. Innovation of hotel products
II. Innovation of hotel marketing model
III. Innovation of hotel HR management
Chapter VI Brand building and management innovation of hotel industry
I. It is time to establish the Chinese hotel brands
II. Multiple brands strategy is becoming the basic strategy of Chinese hotel groups
III. Strategic consideration of brand and group names
Chapter VII New Technology application in hotel industry
I. Extensive applications of new technologies in hotel industry
II. IT applications
III. Application of low-carbon environmental technologies
IV. Introduction of science-based management practice
Chapter VIII New trend of hotel capital market
I. Ways of hotel capital operations
II. Hotel investment institutions
III. VC in hotel development
IV. Privatization of public companies
V. Domestic M&A of hotel groups
VI. Overseas expansion of hotel groups
Chapter IX Development trend of hotel industry chain
I. Overview of hotel industrial chain
II. Hotel consultancies
III. Hotel supply industry
IV. Hotel service outsourcing
V. Tourism e-commerce
Chapter X Policy guidance for hotel industry
I. Policies, laws and regulations
II. Legislation
III. Institutional reform
IV. Market rules
V. Standard making

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