China Tourism Review (2012)

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China Tourism Review (2012)


High-end Forum
To Concretely Improve Capacity for Theoretic Research over Significant Practical Issues in the Tourism Industry
To Make the Spirit of Humanism the Guidance over Technical Innovation in Travel Service
To Deliver Lean Services and Promote Intelligent Services with Technical Innovation
Basic Theory
A Query over the Hard Core Academic Status of Tourist Experience
To Reconstruct the System of Tourism Education by Upgrading the Status of the Tourism Decipline
Mobile Civilization Created by Tourism
Review of Tourism Research in China in 2011

Industry Research
Review of Overseas Rearch over Social Responsibility of Hotels 
Research over the Application of Carbon Sink Capital in Tourism Financing
Analysis of Resources and Environmental Economics on Environmental Issues in the Development of Tourism
A Study on the Realization Mechanism and the Mode of Action of Innovation in Chinese Hotel Enterprises
Regional Tourism
A Study on the Social Welfare Effect of Rapid Development of the Tourism Industry in Hainan International Tourism Island
Multi-island Effect of Tourist Destinations: Concept, Principle, Methodology and Outlook

Review of the Annual Conference
Problem-Orientation and Theoretical Construction
To Promote Intelligent Tourism by Lea Services

Research Updates
Briefing on Approval of Research Programs of CNTA in 2012

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