Development Report on China Hotel Industry (2009)

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Development Report on China Hotel Industry (2009)

Chapter 1 Development Process of China Hotel Industry: Public Market and Brisk Enterprises
Section 1 Hotel industry has become an important part of China's socioeconomic development system.
1. The development of hotel industry changes the travelling mode of the public. 
2. The development of hotel industry changes the pattern of tourism industry.
3. The development of hotel industry improves citizens' livelihood.
Section 2 Citizens' tourism demand and the market mechanism are the internal driving forces of the evolution of hotel industry. 
1. Citizens' tourism consumption is the fundamental driving force of the evolution of hotel industry. 
(1) Consumer group: the main tourists are no longer inbound tourists but domestic tourists.
(2) Consumption ability: the number of the groups which can afford hotel consumption increases on a continuous basis. 
(3) Consumption habit: the change of lifestyle affects hotel consumption. 
(4) Consumption mode: from single consumption to diverse and personalized consumption
2. Market mechanism is the dominant factor for the evolution of China hotel industry. 
Section 3 System innovation is the key support for the development of China hotel industry.
1. Competent authority: promoting the quality improvement of hotel industry through standardized construction and quality supervision.
2. Industry association: seeking for breakthroughs in inertia and innovation
Section 4 hotel industry in national tourism development strategy system 
1. Tourism legislation will legally guarantee hotel industry development.
2. Service Quality Improvement Year promotes the transformation and upgrade of hotel industry.
3. Star-rated hotel standards provide new regulations for industry development.
4. Low-carbon economy promotes "low carbonization" of hotel industry.
5. Conglomeration and internationalization of hotel industry gain a further development.
6. Regional hotel industry will embrace a new round of development opportunities.

Chapter 2 Market Demand of China's Hotels: Growth and Change
Section 1 Main characteristics of hotel market consumption 
1. Customer source structure of hotels
(1) Inbound tourism market and domestic tourism market
(2) Overnight tourists and number of tourists received by star-rated hotels 
(3) Customer source structure of star-rated hotels 
2. Temporal characteristics of tourists' stay at hotels 
(1) Time of inbound overnight tourists' stay in China
(2) Time of tourists' stay at star-rated hotels
3. Consumption characteristics of business segment market and other segment markets
Section 2 Consumption level and structure of hotel market 
1. hotel consumption level
2. Consumption structure of star-rated hotels 
Section 3 Tourists' hotel product purchase behavior
1. Preference of tourists for different types of hotels
2. Factors affecting tourists' selection of hotels 
(1) Factors concerned by tourists in selecting hotels
(2) Concern shown by tourists for hardware of hotels
(3) Concern shown by tourists for guestroom facilities of hotels 
(4) Concern shown by tourists for hotel services
(5) Concern shown by tourists for guestroom services

Chapter 3 Supply of China hotel Industry: Development and Innovation
Section 1 Supply scale and structure of hotel industry
1. General supply scale and structure of hotel industry
2. Regional supply of hotel industry
(1) Supply of hotels  in seven major economic regions
(2) Provincial supply of hotel industry
3. Distribution of star-rated hotels in hotel industry
(1) Number of hotels and guestroom supply
(2) Scale of single restaurant
Section 2 Development momentum of hotel industry investment
1. Scale of hotel investment
(1) Growth of hotel investment scale
(2) Growth of fixed assets of star-rated hotels
(3) Supply absorption rate of star-rated hotels
2. New format development of hotels  
(1) Thematic hotels 
(2) Development of serviced apartments
(3) Development of economical hotels and resort hotels 
3. Assessment on hotel investment
(1) Diversification of investment entities and motivations
(2) Irrational and rational investments in hotel industry coexist 
Section 3 Assessment indices of hotel values 
1. hotel value index changes of typical cities 
2. Comparison of hotel value indices of typical cities
Chapter 4 Operation Management of China's hotels: Construction and Improvement
Section 1 Operation performance of hotel industry
1. Operation performance comparison of different star-rated hotels 
(1) Comparison of occupancy rate
(2) Comparison of average room price
(3) Comparison of income from each vacant room available for occupation  
(4) Per capita income
2. Operation performance comparison of star-rated hotels in different regions
(1) Comparison of occupancy rate 
(2) Comparison of average room price
(3) Comparison of income from each vacant room available for occupation
(4) Comparison of operation of international brand hotels in different types of cities 
Section 2 Construction of hotel operation management system
1. Brand system construction
2. Construction of information management system 
3. Construction of quality management system 
4. Construction of human resource system 
Section 3 Developments of hotel management groups
1. Development of international hotel management groups in China
(1) Market characteristics of international hotel management groups
(2) Main problems faced by international hotel groups
2. Emergence and development of local hotel management groups
(1) Scale of local hotel management groups
(2) Types of local hotel management groups
(3) Regional business distribution and expansion of local hotel management groups
3. Cooperation and competition between hotel management companies and hotel owners
(1) The basis of the cooperation between management companies and owners is the hotel management contract.
(2) Common disputes between owners and management companies and handling principles

Chapter 5 China hotel Industry Development: Confidence and Rationality
Section 1 Development trend of hotel industry
1. Tourism market boasts huge potential in demand
2. The trend of popular and diversified tourism accommodation consumption becomes more obvious.
3. Investment behaviors tend to become rational.
4. The clustering development of hotel industry in some regions tends to become obvious. 
5. The pattern that hotel industry is dominated by large groups becomes increasingly obvious. 
6. Single hotels show the development momentum of "high-end hotels focus on delivering exquisite services, medium-end hotels focus on delivering dedicated services and low-end hotels  focus on linked development".
Section 2 Strategic direction of China's hotel industry development and relevant policies and suggestions
1. To enhance government's macro control and industry supervision centering around quality improvement
(1) To formulate and improve the laws, regulations, policies and standards in hotel industry
(2) To guide hotel investment decision-making and investment direction
(3) To promote hotel industry to become large and competitive
(4) To enhance hotel talent cultivation
2. To intensify the reform of industry associations centering around marketized non-governmental organizations
(1) To implement the spirit of the Opinions and realize role changes as soon as possible
(2) To bring into full play the role of industry associations as a platform
3. To beef up confidence, make decisions rationally and practically improve the operation management level of hotel industry
(1) hotel investors should make decisions rationally 
(2) To accelerate the trans-regional development of hotel management groups
(3) To attach more importance to hotel brand development and cultivation
(4) To enhance business mode innovation and new product development
(5) To attach more importance to hotel talents, especially conduct the cultivation of management and service talents

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