China Hotel Industry Development Report—Hotel Group

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China Hotel Industry Development Report—Hotel Group


—Preface to China Hotel Industry Development Report—Hotel Group
Chapter One  Process and Achievements
Section One  Hotel Group Types and Development Process
I. Types of hotel groups
II. Growth of hotel groups
III. Promoting factors of hotel groups
Section Two  Achievements
I. Increasing competitiveness
II. More rational regional distribution
III. Formation of diversified development patterns
IV. Personnel training and employment enhancement
V. Development of related industries
Section Three  Development Experience
I. Closely integration with the national strategy
II. Adaptation to the evolution of China's tourism industry
III. Conformance to the development laws of hotel management groups

Chapter Two  Development Pattern and Development Strategies
Section One  Scale and Structure
I. Rapid growth in scale
II. Wide coverage of the hotel grade structures
III. Low market concentration
IV. Pattern of multi-stakeholder management
Section Two  Spatial Distribution 24
I. Compatibility between regional distribution and economic development
II. Diversification of the regional distribution
III. Accelerated pace of the overseas distribution
IV. Different causes of spatial distribution
Section Three  Development Strategy
I. Selection of development strategies
II. Selection of development paths
III. Hotel investment model

Chapter III  Business Management and Capital Operation
Section One  Operating Performance
I. Hotels as group members being superior to the individual hotels
II. Narrowed gap between domestic groups and international groups
III. Excellent performance of economy hotel groups
Section Two  Business Management
I. Innovative brand management model
II. Featured marketing mix strategies
(I) Differentiated product strategy
(II) Flexible pricing strategy
(III) Precise promotion strategy
(IV) Diversified channel strategy
III. People-oriented human resources management
IV. All-around quality management system
V. Valuable information management system
Section III  Capital Operation
I. Financing types and characteristics
II. Diversified forms of public financing
IV. Emerging industries favored by venture capital
V. More active mergers and acquisitions

Chapter Four  Development Opportunities and Challenges
Section One  Development Environment and Development Opportunities
Section Two  Challenges
I. Increasing operating pressure
II. Competition with the international hotel groups
III. Slow reform of state-owned hotel groups
IV. Private hotel group to break through the bottleneck
V. Enhancing internal strength for “Going Global”
VI. Hotel brand and intellectual property protection
VII. Balance of scale to quality
VIII. Bottlenecks of capital operation
IX. Development modes of economy hotels
X. Serious shortage of human resources

Chapter Five  Development Trend and development Strategy in the Future
Section One  Development Trends
I. Introduction of new business models
II. Exploration of new hotel business types
III. Localization of international brands
IV. Internationalization of domestic brands
V. Approaching of capital operation era
VI. Change from competition to cooperation
VII. Wide high-tech application
VIII. Advocacy and creation of shared values
Section Two  Development Strategy in the Future
I. Facing the international market based on the domestic market
(I) Being rooted in the domestic market
(II) Looking at the international market
II. Scientific brand planning and management
(I) Scientific planning and brand building
(II) Building a harmonious brand structure
(III) Focusing on the significant value of integrity to build the brand
III. Promoting the development of hotel group through capital operation
(I) Optimizing the capital investment and control risk
(II) Speeding up the capital property reform of state-owned hotel groups
IV. Cultivate the human resources as the core competitiveness
V. Finding Blue Ocean through independent innovation
Section Three  Development Policy
I. Guiding the healthy development of hotel industry
(I) Guiding the hotel scale and structural adjustment
(II) Promoting the hotel groups to grow bigger and stronger
(III) Formulating the human resources development plan
(IV) Promoting the extensive use of information technology
II. Build the market environment for fair competition
(I) Creating the fair, orderly and predictable development environment
(II) Building the hotel property right trading platform
(III) Enhancing the infusion of international hotel groups
III. Seeking for the support of state policies

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