China Tourism Scenic Development Report (2013)

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China Tourism Scenic Development Report (2013)


Preface: Current development concepts and thinking of Chinese tourism scenic spots
I. Scenic spots used to be the core support for tourism industry in China
II. Change in development environment requires industry of scenic spots to make strategic adjustment
III. Proposals
Chapter I Development path and current situation of Chinese scenic spots
I. Past development of scenic spots
II. Current development of Grade-A scenic spots
III. Problems with development of scenic spots
Chapter II Tourists’ perspective of scenic spots demand analysis and service quality evaluation
I. Analysis of tourists’ needs for scenic spots
II. Evaluation of service quality of tourism scenic spots
Chapter III Climate prosperity analysis of scenic spots operation
I. Analysis of industry performances
II. Analysis of corporate performances
III. Analysis of corporate operation indicators
IV. Regional differences in corporate operation indicators
Chapter IV Investment analysis of scenic spots
I. Investors
II. Investment models
III. Investment characteristics
IV. Problems with the investment
Chapter V Scenic spots management evaluation under promoting policies and laws
I. Current situation of scenic spots operation & management
II. Existing policies, laws and regulations on scenic spots management
III. Evolution of scenic spots management
Chapter VI Scenic spots development trends and recommendations
I. Development trend of scenic spots
II. Recommendations on scenic spots development

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