China Tourism Review (2011)

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China Tourism Review (2011)



● High-end Forum (I) – National Strategy and Academic Mission
“Strategy and scholarship”: common mission of tourism development  Shen Baojia
Practice tracking and development leading of China's tourism scholars  Wei Xiaoan
Academic mission of tourism scholars in the promotion of national strategy for the development of tourism industry Dai Bin
Ten major research projects supporting the development of China's tourism industry  Shi Peihua 
The three aspects of tourism – different standpoints of government, academia and industry in interpretation of tourism Xie Yanjun

● High-forum (II) – Local Awareness and International Growth
Based on local industry practice, actively promote the internationalized development of China's tourism academy Du Jiang
Seize time opportunities, and live up to our historical responsibility entrusted by the people  Dai Bin
Development trend and status quo of international tourism and research  Thomas • Paul
China's tourism in HSR (high speed) time  Shi Peihua
Top-level design for tourism research – the application and inspiration of space-time thinking in tourism  Ma Yaofeng
Theoretical support for improving the development quality of China's tourism  Li Zhongguang

● Basic Theory
2010 review of tourism research in China
– Statistical analysis based on 18 kinds of domestic tourism specialties and related journals   Dai Bin  Tang Xiaoyun  Du Xiaoshan
2007-2009 academic research and prospect on China's tourism
– Statistical analysis of theses in China's four kinds of tourism academic journal Zhang Lingyun Cui Xiujuan
Rights, interests and ethics – Reflection on ontology of tourism Wang Degang
Tourism soft power: tourism local awareness and theoretical basis for international marketing Cao Guoxin
Gap between China's tourism statistical system and international standards and solution research  Li Ying Li Jie

● Tourism Policies and Development Strategies
Disadvantages and prospects of China's tourism competitiveness  Liu Deqian
The significance of rise of world city network theory on tourism research Huang Huang
Research on goal orientation of tourism development in world cities and Beijing Feng Yi Wen Jing
Low-carbon path for transformation and development of tourist cities Wang Yuming Cai Meng
Participation barriers and implementation difficulties of low-carbon tourism
– Survey research based on residents in Foshan  Li Fei Wang Qingrong

● Operation of Tourist Industry and Corporation Development
Mechanism analysis on influence of great power characteristics on transnational operation of tourist industry in transitional period  Li Xinjian
Empirical research on aggregate effect and China's tourism development  Yang Yong
Estimation and evaluation of energy conservation and emission reduction potential of domestic tourism hotels  Hu Chuandong
Analysis on differences in green tourism consuming behaviors of Chinese tourists  Gu Huimin  Gao Jingjing  Guo Fan  Li Shan
Lean services, road of servicing in the second stage of Ctrip  Fan Min

● Development and Planning of Regional Tourism
Research on "Tourism landscaped areas" – Taking the exploration of innovation and development of tourism in Hainan as an example  Chen Yao
Analysis on Qiandao Lake tourism effect and evolution path  Yang Honghao
Empirical evolution research and R/S analysis on tourism economic difference in the Yellow River Valley Ding Xusheng Li Yongwen
Research on impact of internationalization of tourism industry on China's regional economic development
– Panel data analysis based on different provinces in China Liu Changsheng
On environmental risk and prevention of overloading of sightseeing places in China
– Taking the Songshan Scenic Area as an example  Cheng Ke Xu Shaoli Zhu Yufang Li Ruoning

● International Tourism
Analysis on streaming space-time evolution trends and characteristics of inbound tourist flow in China and South Korea since the establishment of diplomatic ties
Bian Xianhong Xu Fang An Zhongzhu Weng Biyun Qin Ping Jin Xia
Research on cross-border management of China-Vietnam international tourism cooperation area  Huang AiLian Wei Xiaoan
Research on integration and development strategy of regional tourism cooperation in Northeast Asian  Li Gang  Zhao Yuru  Zhang Xiaofan

● Tourism Research
Review and Prospects on Scientific Research and Project Approval of National Tourism Administration 2010   Xia Shaoyan  Jia Yuanyuan
Brief Report on Scientific Research and Project Approval of National Tourism Administration 2009
Brief Report on Scientific Research and Project Approval of National Tourism Administration 2010
Brief Report on Scientific Research and Project Approval of National Tourism Administration 2011

Appendix I: China in World Economic Forum "Tourism Competitiveness Report 2011"
Appendix II: New Ideas, New Technology and Improvement of Quality of Tourism Services
– Reviews on Symposium Concerning the Application of Lean Thinking in Modern Tourism Service Industry

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