Annual Report of China Outbound Tourism Development 2013(English Verison)

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Annual Report of China Outbound Tourism Development 2013(English Verison)


Introduction  Overview of China Outbound Tourism Development in 2012
1.Emerging Market of the World's Largest Outbound Tourism and Consumer Cluster
1.1 Demographic Dividend and Favorable Macro Environments
1.2 Improved Consumer Environments
1.3 Role of China Outbound Tourism in Promoting Social and Economic Development of Destinations
1.4 Major Contributions to the Development of China and the World's Tourism Economy
2.Internal and External Environments Driving Sensible Travel Expenditure
2.1 Transition of Fast Development into Steady Growth in Destinations
2.2 Quality Oriented other than Quantity Driven Programs
2.3 Consumer Segments Prompted by Continuously Increased Outbound Market Size
2.4 Growingly Institutionalized Paid Holidays
2.5 Decline in the Number of High End Consumers
3.Transition of the Industry to Consumer-based and Capital-Driven Approaches
3.1 Shift from the Previously Resource-driven Competition to the Growing Consumer-based Approach
3.2 Outbound Travel Business Driven by the Equity Market
3.3 Breakthroughs of Industry Growth Models
3.4 Penetration of Foreign-funded Firms in Outbound Travel Business Market

Chapter 1 Environmental Analysis of China Outbound Tourism Market in 2012
Section Ⅰ Economic Environment Characteristics of Outbound Tourism in 2012
1.1 The Foundation of Outbound Tourism Enhanced by the Growth of Per Capita Income
1.2 Outbound Tourism Consumption Driven by the Continuous Rise of RMB Exchange Rate
1.3 More Opportunities Provided for Outbound Tourism by Extending Land Routes and Air Flights
1.4 Rising Aviation Fuel Surcharge - an unfavorable effect for Out-bound Tourism
1.5 Outbound Tourism Boosted by Strong Domestic Tourism Development
1.6 Outbound Tourism Aeeelerated by Increasingly Convenient Pay-ment Platforms
Section Ⅱ Political Environment
2.1 Steady Progress of China's Political and Diplomatic Cooperation despite the Unrest
2.2 Outbound Tourism Environment Optimized by the Continuous Improve-ment of Tourism Visa Policy
2.3 Individual Tour to Taiwan, China Driven by a Variety of Factors
Section Ⅲ  Other Environmental Features of Outbound Tourism Market
3.1 China Well-recognized by Major Countries as the Most Important Strategic Source Market
3.2 Variables Posed to Outbound Tourism Development by the Pilot Transformation from Business Tax to Value Added Tax (VAT)
3.3 Many Existing Defects despite Improvement of Market Regulatory Environment

Chapter 2 Market Structure and Spending Patterns of China Outbound Tourism in 2012
Section Ⅰ  Market Structure
1.1 Market Situation
1.2 Market Structure
Section Ⅱ Overall Analysis
2.1 Variables of Spending Patterns
2.2 Demographic Characteristics of Chinese Mainland Outbound Tourists
2.3 Factors Affecting Outbound Tourists' Spending Decisions
2.4 Characteristics of Spending Decisions
2.5 Spending Patterns of Outbound Tourists
2.6 Assessment of Prospective Spending Preferences
Section Ⅲ  Spending Characteristics of Major Destinations
3.1 Hong Kong SAR
3.2 Macao SAR
3.3 Taiwan China
3.4 Japan
3.5 USA
3.6 Canada
3.7 South Africa
3.8 Australia
Section Ⅳ  Analysis of Outbound Tourist Satisfaction
4.1 Statistical Analysis of Tourist Satisfaction
4.2 Overall Satisfaction and Quality Perception Index on Key Tourist Elements

Chapter 3 Operational Characteristics of China Outbound Tourism Industry in 2012
Section Ⅰ Basic Performance of Outbound Tourism Industrial Players
1.1 Enlargement of both the Industry Scale and the Uneven Regional Distribution
1.2 Regulated Operation and Enlarged Profit by Changing Sales Tax into VAT tax
1.3 A Steady Development of Group-tour Business Boosted by Normalized Outbound Tourist Demand
1.4 An International Business Cooperation-Transition from Incremental Dominant to the Stock Dominant
Section Ⅱ The operating Situation of the Outbound Tourism Industry
2.1 The Transition from Resource-based Competition to Tourist-oriented Competition.
2.2 The Shift of Business Focus to Outbound Tourism Attracted by its Costeffective Advantages
2.3 Online Service Provider and Travel Agencies' Development toward each other-A Loss of Comparative Advantage
2.4 A Profit Decline by the Economic Slowdown and a Rise of Labor Costs
Section Ⅲ Developing and Innovating main Products in Outbound Tourism Industry
3.1 "N + X"Type of Tourism Products-to Lead the Development Trend
3.2 The Prevailing Theme Tour Products

Chapter 4 Characteristics of Regional Outbound Tourism Development
Section Ⅰ North China Market
1.1 Overview of Regional Economy
1.2 Outbound Tourism Development
1.3 Case Study-Beijing
Section Ⅱ East China Market
2.1 Overview of Regional Economy
2.2 Outbound Tourism Development
2.3 Case Study-Shanghai
Section Ⅲ  South China Market
3.1 Overview of Regional Economy
3.2 Development of Outbound Tourism
3.3 Air Traffic Network Development
3.4 Case Study-Guangzhou
Section Ⅳ Southwest China Market
4.1 Overview of Regional Economy
4.2 Development of Outbound Tourism
4.3 Case Study-Chongqing
4.4 Case Study-Chengdu
Section Ⅴ A Comparison of Five Typical Cities in the Outbound Market
5.1 Demographic Characteristics of Outbound Tourists
5.2 Factors Influencing Consumer Decision-making
5.3 Spending Decision-making Characteristics of Outbound Tourists
5.4 Characteristics of Outbound Tourist Spending Patterns

Chapter 5 Trends and Recommendations for China Outbound Tourism Development
Section I  Outbound Tourism Trends in 2013
1.1 Maintaining a Fast Growth in Outbound Tourism
1.2 Further Promoting Outbound Tourism Market Segments
1.3 Growingly Consumer-based Approach and Capital-driven Industrial Upgrading
1.4 Tax Shake-up to Make Business Easier
Section II  Recommendations for China Outbound Tourism
2.1 Better Understanding of the Enlarge Trade Deficit
2.2 Greater Emphasis on Research and Analyais of Chinese Market
2.3 To Ensure Service Promotion and Brand Building - a Key Driver

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