Zheng Xiangmin

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Ph.D., professor and doctoral supervisor. He currently serves as the Second Academic Committee Member of CTA, Dean of College of Tourism of Huaqiao University, Director of Strait Tourism Development Research Institute, Head of Tutor Group of Tourism Management Doctoral Program, Chief Expert of Tourism Safety Research Base of China Tourism Academy; he concurrently serves as the Chairman of Steering Committee on Vocational Tourism Teaching of the Ministry of Education, National-level Star Rater of National Tourist Hotels Star Rating Committee, Deputy Director of Tourism Education Branch of China Tourism Association, and Member of Teaching Steering Committee of Master of Tourism Administration (MTA) of the Ministry of Education.

Research field: tourism economy, tourism safety, restaurant management, regional tourism economy.

Main research achievements: He presided over the completion of the national tourism safety and security system, three Olympic tourism safety research projects, two national social science research projects, and one national "Twelfth Five-Year" Planning textbook project, two national "Eleventh Five-Year Planning textbook projects, four overseas collaborative research projects, 16 provincial and ministerial research projects, and more than 50 horizontal research projects. He published more than 320 articles (in approximately 2.3 million words) in academic journals; he also edited four sets of national textbooks, and 21 monographs and teaching materials, including Tourism Security, Changes in China's Ancient Hotels, and Modern Restaurant Operation & Management and so on.

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