Xie Yanjun

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Ph.D., professor. He currently serves as the vice-chairman of the second Academic Committee of CTA, Dean of School of Tourism and Hotel Management of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, doctoral supervisor, Chief Expert of Basic Tourism Theoretical Research Base of China Tourism Academy, Director of Liaoning Tourism Industry Development Research Center, Director of Dalian Tourism Industry Development Institute, Vice-chairman of Tourism Education Branch of China Tourism Association, Reviewer of Liaoning Province Star Hotels, Invited Academic Member of "Tourism Tribune", editorial committee of Tourism Science and other academic journals. He studied in the UK and the United States as a government-sponsored inviting scholar in 1993 and in 2002 respectively.

Research fields: tourism culture and cultural tourism research, research methods of tourism, tourism experience research.

Main research achievements: He has published more than 80 academic articles in the Annals of Tourism Research and Journal of China Tourism Research (the United States), Tourism and Recreation Research (India), Tourism Tribune, and Tourism Science (China) and other publications, and published several monographs titled Tourism Studies, Research on Tourism Experience: From a Phenomenological Perspective, Research on Tourism Experience: Toward Empirical Science and so on, translated over 10 books and edited more than 10 textbooks; he also edited a series of new-vision textbooks for tourism management specialty, and a series of vocational tourism management included in the "Twelfth Five" planning textbooks, and wrote a prose collection titled A Collection of Leaves. He presided over and participated in a large number of national and provincial research projects. In the field of researches on applications and countermeasures, he focuses on overall tourism planning and tourism brand management & marketing planning in Mongolian, Manchu and other Northern ethnic minority areas.

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