Ma Yaofeng

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Ma Yaofeng, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor and the Second Academic Committee Member of China Tourism Academy, leading expert of the western tourism development research base, academic leader of the doctor station on Tourism Management in Shaanxi Normal University, famous teacher in Shaanxi Province.

Research field: Tourist Flows and Behavior, Tourism Development Planning and GIS

Main research achievements: Ma has carried out 3 NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China) projects, namely, Systemic and Time-Space Study on Tourist Flows in Popular Chinese Tourism Cities, Behavior Mode Study on Different Inbound Tourists and Inbound Tourist Flows: East-West Progressive Spatial Evolution Mode Study. He also published more than 10 monographs including Chinese Inbound Tourism Research, Time-Space Study on the Dynamic System of Inbound Tourist, Tourist Behavior, Study on Tourism Resource Appraisal of Shaanxi Province, etc., together with over 200 papers, including Time-Space Thinking Application and Inspiration of Tourism Research, Study on Schemes Mode of Tourists’ Geospatial Cognition, etc. In addition, Ma has carried out more than 20 tourism planning projects, including Revised Overall Plan of Xi’an Tourism Development.

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