Zhou Lingqiang

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Zhou Lingqiang, professor, doctoral supervisor, management PhD. He currently serves as the Second Academic Committee Member of China Tourism Academy, Dean of Tourism College of Zhejiang University, Director of Tourism Institute of Zhejiang University, Vice-chairman of Education Branch of China Tourism Association, Member of the Steering Committee on Master of Tourism Administration (MTA) sponsored by the Ministry of Education. He also concurrently acts as a government advisor in Hangzhou City, Fuyang City, Chun¡¯an County, Wuyi County and Ninghai County (Zhejiang Province), and Damxung County, Qusum County and Bangor County (Tibet Autonomous Region).

Research field: tourism development and planning, tourism management, sightseeing place management.

Main research achievements: He presided over 10 major topics at national and provincial levels, and over 70 projects entrusted by governments at all levels and enterprises, and published more than 60 articles.

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