Ma Bo

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Ma Bo, Ph.D., Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, the Second Academic Committee Member of China Tourism Academy, Dean of the Tourism School of Qingdao University, committee member of the Shandong Tourism Expert Committee. Ma gained several titles of honor such as Mid-aged and Young Academic Leaders of Shandong and Qingdao Top-notch Talents of Professional Skills, etc.

Research field: Tourism Industry Economy and Policy, Regional Tourism, Tourist Culture, etc.

Main research achievements: Ma has published dozens of papers, including An Early Warning and Prevention on “Wave Phenomenon" in China’s Tourism Industry, etc., on core journals; he has taken part in international projects like “Overall Planning of Shandong Tourism Development” and “Shandong Beach-Resort Tourism Planning”. He has carried out Education Ministry project, such as “Spatial Optimization Research on Qingdao Tourism Industry” and Aid-Tibet project, “Overall Planning of Tourism Development in Shigatse, Tibet”, together with regional tourism planning projects such as “Wine Tourism Planning in Shandong Peninsula” and “Tourism Planning of Economic Blue Zone in Shandong Peninsula”.

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