Li Tianyuan

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Professor, the Second Academic Committee Member of China Tourism Academy. Promoted as professor of the Tourism and Service School in Nankai University in 1995 and the doctoral supervisor in 2004, Li takes the position of Director of Academic Board in Nankai University, as well as the Vice Director of National Tourism Management MTA Education Committee under Ministry of Education. Besides, Li also works for the Ministry of Personnel as a guiding committee expert on national professional skill qualification examination of tourism economy. He is an expert consultant of Tianjin Government Office, a member of Shandong Tourism Expert Committee and the invited academic committee member of Tourism Tribune, Tourism Management and Tourism Science.

Research fields: RTourism Theory, Tourism Marketing

Main research achievements: Li published 4 monographs in recent years (Introduction to Tourism, Essentials of Marketing in Travel, Tourism and Tourism, etc.) and translated 7 books including Leisure and Tourism Policy and Planning, Hospitality 2010: The Future of Hospitality and Travel, etc. Additionally, he has published more than 10 papers (New Perspective on Destination Tourism Public Service System Construction, Current Research and Analysis of Overseas Studies on Tourist Destination Branding) on periodicals such as Tourism Tribune, Human Geography, etc.

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