Wei Xiao’an

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Doctorial tutor, researcher, graduated from Beijing Academy of Economics. He currently works as adviser of the second Academic Committee of CTA, researcher of the Tourism Research Institute of Academy of China’s Social Sciences, and doctorial tutor of Central University for Nationalities. He once worked as chairman of the first Academic Committee of CTA, director of the Department of Quality Standardization and Administration, director of the Department of Policy and Legal Affairs and director of the Department of Planning, Development and Finance of CNTA.

Research fields:Tourism administration and tourism research.

Main research achievements participating in various important decisions making of China’s tourism development over the decade, drafting various important documents of the State Council about tourism development, engaged in the formulating of various laws and regulations of tourism. Laws and regulations formulated mainly include state standard Service Standard of Ethnic (Folk Custom) and Cultural Tourism Zone, state standard Special Interest Tour Standard, industry standard Theme Hotel Construction, Operation and Service Guidance, etc. Monographs published include Witness China’s Tourism—2001, All about Tourism—New Theories of the Industry Development, Empirical Studies of the Tourist Destination Development, Ways to Invigorate the Country through Tourism, Theme Hotel, China’s Leisure Economy, Colorful Guizhou, Vibrant Development, Tourism under the Sun Focusing on Sichuan, etc. He has acted as the chief editor of Creating New Cultural Heritages, and co-editor of World Tourism Declaration, Green Book of China’s Tourism Development 2003-2005 and Green Book of China’s Tourism Development 2005-2007, etc. Research works and co-editing achievements published amount to 40 kinds, over 10 million Chinese characters. Theses published add up to over 200 pieces, more than 2 million Chinese characters. Besides, he works as the chief editor of 60 issues of the journal Tourism Survey (5 million Chinese characters) and 48 issues of Tourism Management and Service (2.8 million Chinese characters).

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