Research on Concise Pro-poor Tourism in Countryside from the Angle of Villagers Sustainable Substance: A Case of Fenghuang County in Mt. Wuling Region

2015-12-30 09:42:43       Size:[L  M  S]

Abstract: Based on a case study ofFenghuang county in Mt. Wuling region, this project is intended to apply qualitative analysis, structural equation modeling (SEM), spatial econometrics and other interdisciplinary theories and methods, and then to develop a framework for analyzing pro-poor tourism in countryside on the basis of sustainable substance, discover the relationship between countryside tourism development and villagers substance changing, assess the influence of countryside tourism on villagers and the comprehensive achievements of pro-poor tourism, observedifferent villagers’ understanding of influence from tourism andmicro mechanism of their participation in countryside tourism, and analyze the restricting factors of tourismas a substance strategy for different villagers, and furthermore to design the pattern and policy mechanism of concise pro-poor tourism in countryside.

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