Research on Attraction Admission Ticket Pricing Management and Reform from the Angle of Comprehensively Deepened Reform​

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Abstract: This project aims to provide the supportive measures for coordinated control system reform, explore innovation management and formation mechanism of attraction admission ticket pricing, detect the reasonable market price, and improveadmission ticket pricing through strengthening pricing monitoring and regulation, so as to make admission ticket price play a key role in pricing management, and efficiently reflect the value and resource of attraction and the relation between supply and demand as well as the degree of tourist satisfaction, then break down the “admission-ticket-price-dominated economy” and create a good pricing environment for healthy and sustainable development of tourism industry. This research is to be conducted under the background of comprehensively deepened reform and in accordance with the requirements of mainly market-oriented pricingmechanism as well as strictly centering aroundthe core of letting market play a decisive role in resource allocation.

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