Scenario Analysis on the Energy Demands and CO2 Emission of Hainan Tourism

2011-09-01 14:43:06       Size:[L  M  S]

Taking the island tourism destination – Hainan International Tourism Island as the area to be researched, this research project: (i) adopts the Bottom-up Analysis, focuses on the energy consumption and the CO2 emission of tourism transportation, hotel accommodation and tourism activities, and preliminarily estimates the total energy consumption and CO2 emission of Hainan tourism; (ii) adopts the Scenario Analysis to forecast the energy demands and CO2 emission scenario of Hainan tourism in the future, indirectly and quantitatively assesses Hainan tourism development’s influence on climate change; (iii) utilizes the Response Surface Model to analyze the mechanism that climate change responds to the human tourism activities; (iiii) proposes the passageways and measures for adapting to the climate change and saving energy as well as reducing emission, hence to enrich the research of IHDP (International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change) and provide the basis for the sustainable development of tourism.

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