Empirical Research on the Establishment of Dynamic Management System of China’s Tour groups Based on Diversified Information Technology

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With the rapid rise of domestic tourism, China received more than 2 billion tourists in 2009. The traveling quantity and frequency of Chinese tourists have been dramatically increased; the tourist flow information has witnessed geometric series increase, which presents a challenge to the tourism administrative management, protection of tourists’ rights, and tourism rescue. A flood of tourist information generated by 2 billion tourists annually shall inevitably be handled and managed through electronic information technology. Therefore, the establishment of a dynamic and real-time tour group management system is not an option, and it is the first step for the coverage of all types of tourists’ information to manage the group tourists’ information.

Through the system, Tourism Administration Departments can keep track of the real-time information of tour groups to improve response capability to emergencies, strengthening the efficiency of supervision and management on the market order; the travel agencies and other travel enterprises can supervise tour groups effectively and in real-time; tourists can inquire about the tourism information for protection of their traveling and consumers’ right. Currently, the tour groups information management system has been piloted in Hunan, Yunnan and Shanghai and other regions, but the management system covering tour groups across the country still hasn’t been set up and in need of guidance with empirical research results, through which the advanced practical cases can be concluded and improved, and the theories with respect to the tour groups information management systems can be supplemented and perfected.

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