Special Investigation on Hegang City of Helongjiang Province

2011-07-20 14:24:50       Size:[L  M  S]

Commissioned by the China National Tourism Administration, CTA undertook a research project entitled the Survey Report on the Development of the Tourism Industry in Hegang City. Under the leadership of president Dai Bin, the research was initiated by the Institute of Regional Tourism Planning and Development and carried out by both our internal units and external units. Based on an analysis of the development conditions and status quo of Hegang’s tourism development, the Report concludes that the city’s industrial transformation and upgrading have consolidated the strategic role of its tourism as a backbone industry, and under the new conditions for tourism development, Hegang’s tourism may fully unleash its potential. The Report also indicates that Hegang’s tourism industry is faced with the following problems: absence of a sound tourist destination system, lack of marketability, poor tourism infrastructure, incomplete industrial pattern, rigid management system, lack of professionals, etc. The Report suggests that Hegang City, eyeing on its current conditions and problems, should focus its efforts on constructing quality projects, conducting brand marketing, building a tourist destination system, creating major enterprises, and promoting industrial integration, system innovation, and personnel training, and its key tasks should be to create two excellent tourism cities, three tourist spots of 4A and 5A levels, and a number of special tourism villages and towns.

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