Special Investigation on Fangshan District of Beijing

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Commissioned by the China National Tourism Administration, CTA undertook a research project entitled the Survey Report on the Development of the Tourism Industry in Fangshan District. Under the leadership of president Dai Bin, the research was initiated by the Institute of Regional Tourism Planning and Development and carried out by both our internal units and external units. Based on an analysis of the basic conditions, historical background, opportunities and potential for tourism development in Fangshan District, the Report concluded that the District not only has the conditions to develop its tourism into a strategic, backbone industry and to realize leapfrogging development, but also has the potential to develop a cluster of high-end mountain resorts in North China. Following an analysis of the problems plaguing the tourism industry in Fangshan District in the aspects of system and mechanism, investment in product publicity and marketing, service support, etc., the Report puts forward the following proposal for Fangshan’s tourism development: the District should strengthen its service capacity as a comprehensive tourism center, improve its waterfront sightseeing and ecological tourism corridor functions, consolidate its key brands such as the Fangshan Global Geopark, Shidu Scenic Area, and Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian, and expand the market shares of its 4 major product clusters including ecological resorts, Buddhism regimens, health spas, and folk custom, so as to navigate consumption in the key markets.

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