Development Report of China's Lodging Industry (2015)

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Development Report of China's Lodging Industry (2015)
Chapter I Innovation in the Lodging Industry under New Normal
I. Evolution of the Tourism Lodging Industry
II. Development of the Lodging Industry under New Normal
III. Selection of Development Mode of the Lodging Industry
IV. Internet+ Strategy Reshaped the Hotel Industry Chain
V. Vacation Rental: When the Lodging Industry Met Internet+ and Sharing Economy
VI. Corporate Social Responsibility Became Valued
Chapter II Economic Hotels: Reshaping the Image
I. Competition Pattern of Economic Hotels
II. Reshaping Image by Innovation
III. From High Standardization to Moderate Specialization
IV. Strengthening Scale Advantage While Expanding into Mid-End Hotels
V. Internet Integration of Economic Hotels
VI. Giant Partnership Consolidated Actual Strength
VII. Expanding New Space by Overseas Layout
Chapter III Mid-End Hotel: Brand Diversification and Win-Win Alliance
I. Thriving between Economic Hotels and Upscale Hotels
II. Brand Diversification of Mid-End Hotels
III . Investment and M&A of Mid-End Hotels 
IV . Strategic Alliance of Mid-End Hotels
V. Development and Innovation of Mid-End Hotels
Chapter IV Upscale Hotels: Leading the Development of Modern Service Industry
I. Necessary Existence of Upscale Hotels 
II. Performance of High Star-Rated Hotels
III. Development Pattern of Upscale Hotels
IV. Innovation in Operation and Management of Upscale Hotels
V. Expanding Space by Crossover Cooperation
Chapter V Boutique Hotels: New Growth Point of Lodging Industry
I. Arrival of the Age of Boutique Hotels
II. Boutique Hotel Brand under Hotel Group
III. Independent Boutique Hotel Group
IV. Monomer Boutique Hotels
V. Boutique Hotel Brand Created by Crossover Integration
VI. Investment and Financing of Boutique Hotels
VII. Alliance of Boutique Hotels
Chapter VI Resort Hotels: Ushering in golden Developing Period
I. Vigorous Development of Resort Hotel
II. Establishing Multi-level Resort Lodging System
III. Innovation in Operation of Resort Hotels
IV. Layout of International Resort Hotels in China
V. Regional Distribution of Resort Hotels
Chapter VII Vacation Rental: Restructuring of Lodging Industry
I. Motive for the Rise of the Vacation Rental Industry
II. Main Characteristics of the Vacation Rental Industry
III. Business Model and Operation & Management Mode of the Vacation Rental Industry
IV. Challenges and Developmental Suggestions for the Vacation Rental Industry
Chapter VIII: Recreational Vehicle--Tourists' Home on the Wheel: New Bright Spot of Lodging Industry
I. Concept and Type of Recreational Vehicles
II. Development of the Recreation Vehicle Industry at home and abroad
III. Development of the Recreation Vehicle Industry in China
IV. Problems of and Suggestions for Development of China's Recreation Vehicle Industry
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