Annual Report of Leisure Development in China 2013-2014

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Annual Report of Leisure Development in China 2013-2014


Chapter 1 The People’s Leisure Life in the Background of Realizing a Moderately Prosperous Society   
1.1 China was entering a new stage of leisure development  
1.1.1 Economic condition    
1.1.2 Social environment    
1.1.3 Infrastructure and public service   
1.1.4 Leisure philosophy and concept   
1.1.5 Laws, regulations and institutions  
1.2 Comprehensive functions of the people’s leisure life    
1.2.1 Individual well-being function   
1.2.2 Economic function   
1.2.3 Social function    
1.3 Prospect of tourism and leisure development    

Chapter 2 Research on the Development of Chinese Citizen’s Demand for Leisure   
2.1 General characteristics of citizen’s leisure life
2.1.1 New vacation systems were becoming more available and reasonable   
2.1.2 Characteristics of citizen’s leisure time     
2.1.3 Characteristics of citizen’s leisure space    
2.1.4 Characteristics of citizen’s leisure content   
2.1.5 Characteristics of citizen’s leisure consumption   
2.2 Characteristics of different population group’s leisure life    
2.2.1 Residents in different regions   
2.2.2 Urban residents and rural residents 
2.2.3 Different age groups    
2.2.4 Men and women    
2.2.5 Different income groups  
2.3 Analysis of the characteristics of leisure activities in foreign countries    
2.3.1 U.S.A.    
2.3.2 Japan    
2.3.3 South Korea   
2.3.4 Lessons from leisure industry development in foreign countries  
2.4 Trend of citizen’s demand for leisure   
2.4.1 Social development made citizen more aware of leisure   
2.4.2 Application of high-tech provided citizen with more freedom of leisure time choice    
2.4.3 Transportation development expanded citizen’s space of leisure    
2.4.4 Sports and audiovisual actives would be more welcomed      
2.4.5 Market segmentation highlighted the characteristics of different population group’s leisure activities     

Chapter 3 Research on the Characteristics and Development Trend of Leisure Provision in China   
3.1 Policies on leisure provision were unprecedentedly favorable  
3.1.1 The State provided a series of policies on leisure provision    
3.1.2 Local plans and programs were executed 
3.2 Leisure providers were accelerating the progress of market development 
3.2.1 Common characteristics    
3.2.2 Individual characteristics  
3.3 Leisure provider’s product, facility and service were comprehensively and concurrently developed 
3.3.1 Types of leisure products were continuously enriched and the quantities were greatly increased    
3.3.2 More and more leisure products were accepted by the common people   
3.3.3 Leisure facility was generally improved 
3.3.4 Public leisure service was continuously strengthened    
3.4 Scale and structure of leisure provision would be further optimized and upgraded in the future
3.4.1 New urbanization movement would expand and enrich leisure provision in urban area    
3.4.2 Effect of urban integration expanded the space of leisure provision and intensified regional competition     
3.4.3 Normalization of leisure life required better quality and rich contents of leisure provision
3.4.4 Leisure industry would become the main impetus to domestic consumption expansion in the “13th Five Years” period    

Chapter 4 Research on Leisure Infrastructure and Public Service Development in China    
4.1 Leisure infrastructure construction  
4.1.1 Overall level of leisure infrastructure was steadily upgraded    
4.1.2 Ability to manage leisure infrastructure was further enhanced    
4.1.3 Development of intelligent leisure infrastructure was in fashion  
4.1.4 Integration of leisure infrastructure and urban and rural construction was strengthened     
4.1.5 Leisure infrastructure still didn’t meet the people’s expectations    
4.2 Development of public service in leisure industry 
4.2.1 Public service performance had become an important symbol of the people’s well-being    
4.2.2 Public service level was significantly upgraded in leisure industry    
4.2.3 Complaints about security in public service were continuously increased in leisure industry    
4.2.4 More talents and better management were required for public service in leisure industry 
4.3 Trend and prospect of leisure infrastructure and public service development  
4.3.1 Leisure infrastructure construction would be steadily promoted    
4.3.2 Intelligent and IT technology would be more and more prominent in public service in leisure industry    
4.3.3 Public service quality would be greatly improved   

Chapter 5 Environment of and Prediction about Leisure Development in China   
5.1 Analysis of China’s leisure development environment in 2013-2014  
5.1.1 Economic and social environment    
5.1.2 Policy, law and regulation environment    
5.2 Prediction about leisure development in China   
5.2.1 Citizen would pay more attention to the quality and content of leisure product    
5. 2.2 Citizen’s leisure activities would be open to market   
5.2.3 Rapid transit network would expand citizen’s space of leisure and facilitate the integration and upgrading of leisure industry    
5.2.4 Leisure industry would become a new field of strong consumption    
5.2.5 New urbanization movement would become an important opportunity for improving urban and rural resident’s environment of leisure    
5.2.6 Intelligent and IT technology would play a key role in citizen’s leisure life    
5.2.7 Leisure infrastructure and public service quality would be greatly improved  
5.3 Suggestions for leisure development in China  
5.3.1 Institutional arrangement could be innovated, and the people’s right to leisure could be well protected    
5.3.2 Attention could be paid to the demands of specific population groups, and the market for the people’s leisure life could be expanded    
5.3.3 Urban and rural living space could be optimized, and the people’s environment of tourism and leisure could be improved    
5.3.4 Tourism and leisure industry system could be improved, and the multiple demands could be fulfilled    
5.3.5 Market supervision and regulation could be reinforced, and the system of the national leisure quality supervision and regulation could be improved    

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