China Tourism Scenic Development Report (2014)

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China Tourism Scenic Development Report (2014)


Chapter 1 Tourist Attractions’ Development Environment
1.1 Tourists required better quality of tourist attraction
1.2 Traditional tourist attractions were under the pressure of innovation
1.3 Tourist attraction operation required more laws and regulations
1.4 Game-playing of shareholders was further intensified
1.5 Problems of security and loading capacity in tourist attraction should be addressed

Chapter 2 Consumption Demand and Service Quality Evaluation in Tourist Attractions
2.1 Consumers and consumption characteristics in tourist attractions
2.2 Tourist’s comments on service quality in tourist attractions

Chapter 3 Tourist Attractions Investment
3.1 Incremental analysis of 5A tourist attractions
3.2 Characteristics of investment in tourist attractions
3.3 Analysis of the development of listed tourist attraction companies

Chapter 4 Tourist Attractions’ Management, Operations and Performances
4.1 New trend of tourist attractions operation and management
4.2 Analysis of tourist attractions operation’s performance prosperity

Chapter 5 Policies and Regulations Related to Tourist Attractions
5.1 Alterations on the policies and regulations in the year
5.2 Influence of the policies and regulations
5.3 Tourism management system was under the pressure of reform

Chapter 6 Tourist Attractions’ Development Suggestions
6.1 Trend of tourist attractions development
6.2 Suggestions for tourist attractions development

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