Tang Xiaoyun

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Doctor in management, researcher.

Research field: Tourism Statistics, Tourism Industry & Economy, Tourism Impact and Sustainability

Education background: 1995-1999, School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering of Guangxi Universtiy, bachelor’s degree in science.
2001-2004, College of Tourism of Guilin University of Science and Technology, master’s degree in management.
2004-2007, School of Management Tianjin University, doctor’s degree in management.

Work experience: 2004-2008, College of Tourism of Guilin University of Science and Technology, Vice professor, Tourism Management Department Director
2008-2010, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS., Post-doctor.
2009-Present, She has served as Associate Professor, Associate Research Fellow and then Research Fellow at the China Tourism Academy, head of the National Laboratory for Tourism Economy, and Director of Tourism Statistics and Economic Analysis Research.

Main research achievements : She has hosted 1 project funded by National Natural Science Foundation, 1 sub-project of a key national social science project, 1 scientific research project of CNTA, 1 key scientific & technological project of Guangxi Science & Technology Administration, 1 project of Guangxi Education Administration, and 1 scientific & technological innovation project of Guilin Municipal Bureau for Science and Technology. As the second principal, she has completed 1 social science project at the national level and 3 projects at the provincial level. As a key member, she has participated in Global Environment Facility" Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems(GCP/GLO/212/GEF)" and more than 30 vertical or horizontal projects. She has published more than 20 academic papers and 2 monographs, participated in 4 books compilation, and served as Vice-Director Commissioner of the Ethnic Tourism Committee, China Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences.

Main academic works: The Historical Evolution of China's Tourism Development Policies (1949-2013) - A Quantitative Research Approach [J].Tourism Management, 58 (2017)
Tourism Brings More Happiness: One Analysis Framework and its Application. Tourism Tribune, 2015
Socio-Cultural Functions of Tourism and Realization. Guangming Daily (Theory), 2015
Historical Evolution of China’s Tourism Development Policies (1949-2013). Tourism Tribune, 2014
Regional Differences Study of China’s Tourism Economy Development from the Perspective of Production Factors. Economic Geography, 2010

Others: Selected into the 2014 National Tourism Administration Young Talent Program
Postgraduate Program Tutor at Tourism School, Guilin University of Technology
Vice Chairman, Special Committee of Ethnic Tourism, China Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences
Expert in Expert Database of China Development Bank
2016 China National Tourism Administration Excellent Academic Works, 1st Prize
2014 Top 10 Papers of Tourism Tribune
2013 10th Selection of Philosophy and Social Science Research Results of Guangxi,1st Prize
2012 China National Tourism Administration Excellent Academic Works,2nd Prize

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